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Updated: We've had a number of reader requests to make available some of the imagery we use in Linux Format magazine. Naturally we're happy to share with you all, so we've put this page online where we'll upload artwork as it's requested.

The URL for this page is fixed so you can come back here and check for updates later.


Download widescreen (1920x1200)

Download regular (1600x1200)

If you're a regular reader of Linux Format and there's a particular cover image you want to have as a wallpaper, send us a shout on or Twitter and we'll see what we can done. Please remember that we sometimes license cover imagery from third parties, and such artwork cannot be redistributed here.

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Beauty wallpapers. Thanks.

Beauty wallpapers. Thanks.

Fantastic Idea

Thanks very much for this simple but great gesture!
Well done LXF Towers.

Could you do them in 16:9

Could you do them in 16:9 too, my monitor is that Ratio (Sammy 2343nw)

16:9 and an odd resolution

That Samsung monitor has a pretty weird resolution too - 2048x1152


i saw a link to this on (which has THE best Free Software links of any site) and Im not a huge wallpaper guy because I have a ton of nice KDE ones but I figured Id give it a look...

Wow. And in both screen formats too.

Great publicity as well.
Never visited tuxradar or linux format before but it looks interesting..

Good to see! :)

Hi guys - it's really nice to see that you've put up this page, as you frequently have nice cover artwork on the magazine!

I'm afraid I don't use either or Twitter, though - would it be ok to make a request here, instead? If so, is there any chance you could put up the cover artwork from either the Christmas 2008 issue (the one with the "Build your own distro" cover), or the April 2009 one (with the "Fix Linux" cover)? :)

Thanks very much, both for setting up this page, and for a great publication in general.

Re: Good to see

We've uploaded the two covers you requested, plus a sneak preview of the cover from LXF119 - it's not on sale yet, but we think it's particularly nice :)


thanks for these!

NetBook resolution

How about some to fi the resolution of netbooks?

NetBook resolution

How about some to fit the resolution of netbooks?

Forgot the t in fit.

Nothing special

Therefore Thanks


Love the "Fix Penguin" cover!

Re: linux format wallpapers

I was just wishing for this as I wanted to use the lxf117 image to have a skin made for my Asus Eee. Since people always notice my netbook, I thought I would promote Linux this way.

Thank you!


I enjoyed the Fix Linux cover, the penguin with the hood open. It is now my backdrop at work where I am forced to work with XP. Looks great!

Tux! I love him!

Tux! I love him!

Re: Re: Good to see

Thankyou so much for uploading these, guys. You've made my week. :D

Nice Wallpapers.....

Is there any chance these wallpapers (and future ones) will be condensed to smaller screen resolutions (1024 X 768, 1280 X 1024, 1440 X 900)?

Resize? DIY!

Folks, why ask others to do for you what you can do for yourself? ImageMagick's "convert" command and GIMP's "Scale Image" will do the trick.

Twitter background

I was looking for a background for my twitter page & unfortunately all of the above are fantastic for my desktop but they are too large for twitter (no larger than 800k.


Linux format desktop wallpapers are Awsome thankyou

Re: Linux Format wallpapers

5 Stars
A definite 10
And a big thank you from Va, USA

1680 x 1050

Any chance of you supplying these great wallpapers in 1680 x 1050 resolution? Thanks.


Me like!! I have had compliments at work for the LXF 'Open Hood' wallpaper that I sported. That wallpaper is now replaced with Tux smashing through what seems to be an MS logo (lxf122). Anyway, great wallpapers again!


Awesome wallpapers, I have set a slideshow in plasma to flip through them all!

Any more people too lazy to

Any more people too lazy to use gwenview want to request a crop/resize to a specific resolution of any of the images?

Thank You

Awesome. Linux rules for sure. Goodbye Microsoft.


I love that last wallpaper, fits my M$ desktop well :P.
Plus the one with the light bulb, fits Ubuntu's brown :P.

Wonderful Stuff!

I recently picked up a copy of Linux Format in the US and have found it very helpful after installing Ubuntu Linux on my IBM laptop. Still getting used to the Linux way but have been interested in the concept for a while. Good job. Concidering subscribing soon


From a newbi thanks

From a newbi thanks

Great work!

Was eager to get my hands on these after reading they were available in the mag - they're really smashing! I'm a newbie and I'm loving the magazine, so keep up the good work!


The Slack to the Future one

The Slack to the Future one made me groan. Shame on you guys. The rest are great.


Thanks for the awesome wallpapers, I love them :-)

amazing images

The wallapers are great! I use them with desktop drapes and they are amazing. My favourite is the fix linux one. Can you do the lxf 108 mag wallpaper. i am asking here a i dont have twitter or identica

awesome, i like the last one

awesome, i like the last one
thanks for your share

xie xie :)


Very, very cool backgrounds. Thanks.

I'm going to put a penguin on my Windows machine

at work. I can't put Linux on it, but I can at least make a statement.

I recommend windows ... For kind < 3yrs...

I support windows.. If and only if it is pirated. :):)

Windows users please grow faster to Linux :):)



Yes, that's it :) This wallpapers wonderful.

Very Nice

Thanks for these. Easily resizable/croppable to fit my eeePC and my Dell laptop

Would be great to have some

Would be great to have some widescreen resolutions too. Like 1680X1050

Otherwise good wallpapers!

Love the picture quality

I love the picture quality renders windows obselete.Just kidding on a more serious note Linux is REAL DEAL!

Thanks for the new 'papers!

Just great!

Thank you

really beautiful

@ The guys who want 1680*1050

As 1680*1050 and 1900*1200 are both 19:10 scale, you should just be able to use the provided widescreen wallpapers.

Added info: 1600*1200 is 4:3, so can be used for 1024*768, 1280*1024 etc


They are pretty !!

Please do them on 16:9

Your wallpapers are great but my laptop's resolution is 1680x945 (16:9) so it's stretched if i use it. Please do them on 16:9 too.



Aaaaaah.. Linux! ;)

Awesome! Thanks! ;D


Will I be violating any laws if I use any of these images as my background image on myspace?
I love the first one.

Re: Nice!!!

Our licence is pretty clear: please use them however you want to, commercially or otherwise, as long as you attribute them to us. That attribution has been added in the corner of the image (Linux Format), but if that's not visible for some reason then please add a text attribution saying the same.

So, go ahead and use them on MySpace if you want to, just make sure we get a mention for creating the work!

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