Persistent connections

resource mysql_pconnect ( [string server [, string username [, string password [, int client_flags]]]])

resource sqlite_popen ( string filename [, int mode [, string &error_message]])

Switching to persistent connections in MySQL is simply a matter of changing the function call from mysql_connect() to mysql_pconnect() - they both take the same parameters, with the difference being that mysql_connect() will always open a new connection, whereas mysql_pconnect() will only open a new connection if there is not one already available. Similarly, the SQLite function sqlite_open() has a persistent counterpart, sqlite_popen().

Author's Note: In the per-process Apache module ("prefork"), persistent resources such as persistent MySQL connections are stored per process, which means if you have 150 Apache children running you'll need 150 MySQL permanent connections - even if some of those processes aren't using MySQL right now.


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