Snoopers' Charter?

Ben writes:
As listeners to the podcast will know, I've written to my MP (Peter Luff, the Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire) to protest against the proposed legislation allowing the UK government to intercept electronic communication in real time. He's written back to me with the official government position which I've included here (with his permission). This hasn't done much to allay our concerns, but what do you think?

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Yeah... yeah, there are ways to obfuscate the communication between two (or more) people. Seems like a lot of effort and, for the vast majority of people, it probably is. Criminals and terrorists stand a good chance of success in a simultaneous move on a target but this requires good communication and a coordinated effort. The government knows this, takes special steps that make it difficult to achieve as a group that in turn breaks down communication for individuals to act; the cost exceeds the overall objective.

But then that's also how tyrants control a large population.

technically possible?

forgive my ignorance, but is it even possible for ISPs to keep records of who skypes who. Given that the whole thing is compressed and secured by a propietary algorithn?

Good to get a reply...

Impressed you got a personal reply (no reply yet from my MEP who I email 2 years ago).

The devil will be in the details - it may be difficult to untie the content and context, and some content may need to be seen in order to unpiece the people involved. It's good that they are trying to limit the legislation to the minimum necessary, but we were assured this would be the case with the terrorist laws introduced by labour, and instead we saw it being used by police for clearly non-terrorist dealings.


I too wrote to my MP, Simon

I too wrote to my MP, Simon Hart(Con) spit spit spit, who sent me the exact same response with a slightly different first paragraph and a closing sentence thanking me for raising the matter with him. So basically we have got the same copy and paste job that they didn't even have to think about; that smacks of a lack of respect for their constituents that they couldn't come up with an original thought!

What a load of BS

"The government estimates that it is now only able to access some 75% of the total communications data generated in this country"

Yeah, and the more surveillance the public thinks is going on the lower that percentage will become.

At the end of the day, anyone who is concerned about privacy, whether for ideological reasons or criminal reasons, can easily use a whole combination of encryption, tunnels, tor, darknets, public wifi etc to remain anonymous.

The average internet users however will be the ones that get profiled by the government so they know where to concentrate their re-election campaigns or where they can afford to cut health spending.

If the government get caught doing anything nefarious with their new powers then the public will start to educate them selves and monitoring communications will become even harder than it is now.

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