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If you're a fan of or Twitter and want to follow the alpha geeks of the free sofware world, we've put together a list of people to make it easy for you to find them.

This is the second version of this list - there are probably dozens of important geeks missing. Please help us fill it out by sending a shout to @tuxradar on or Twitter if we've missed someone, and make sure you send a few words about what they do. Please also get in touch if someone listed below is on as well as Twitter.





Geek thinkers

  • Chris Anderson - TED curator - Twitter
  • Chris DiBona - Open source program manager at Google Twitter
  • Cory Doctorow - Digital rights activist - Twitter
  • Edd Dumbill - Rails hacker and author, Twitter
  • Marcel Gagne - Author and columnist -
  • Leslie Hawthorn - Google geek herder - Twitter
  • Jim Jagielski - Apache and OSI activist - Twitter
  • Larry Lessig - Political activist -, Twitter
  • Russ Nelson - open source activist - Twitter
  • Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols - FOSS author and columnist - Twitter
  • Bruce Perens - open source activist -, Twitter
  • Jon Phillips - Creative Commons activist - Identica, Twitter
  • Simon Phipps - Chief open source office at Sun - Twitter
  • Tim O'Reilly - CEO of O'Reilly media -, Twitter
  • Karlie Robinson - Open source advocate - Twitter
  • Roy Schestowitz - Free software freedom fighter - Identica
  • Doc Searls - Free software columnist -, Twitter
  • Kathy Sierra - conference speaker and general smart person - Twitter
  • Wil Wheaton - geek celebrity and author - Twitter

And of course...

Note: some people update Twitter and at the same time, whereas others have switched from one to the other. If you find one of the feeds goes quiet, try the other.

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How about adding my recently created blog to the list.
I'm doing an experiment where I migrate FROM Linux to OS X to try to better understand the mindset of the other side. I fully intend to migrate back and document it to help others who may wish to migrate to Linux from Mac.
So give it a look and let me know what you think.

The other django guys

What about Adrian Holvaty and Jacob Kaplan-Moss?

Leslie Hawthorn on

She's @lh

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