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New to the wonderful world of Linux? Looking for an easy way to get started? Download our complete 130-page guide and get to grips with the OS in hours rather than weeks or months. We show you how to install Linux onto your PC, navigate around the desktop, master the most popular Linux programs and fix any problems that may arise.

We put the Linux Starter Pack on sale one year ago, and in our quest to support the community we're giving it away as a free download. Please go ahead and tell everyone about this offer -- all we ask is that you link to this page rather than directly to the zip below.

Click here to download now!

After reading the guide, head over to Linux Format for more information on the world's finest Linux magazine. Each month we include all the tutorials, features, tips and help you need to get the most from your operating system. Don't miss it!

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Very nice guide. Thanks to the person (or people) who did this guide. You should receive a medal! :D

Thank you, kind sir

Thank you, kind sir

Cool! Thanks!


I don't know Linux Format magazine because it is not sold in Australia. But I do know Linux journal and some other stuff...

Normally I don't buy any mag, full circle and some Chinese mag from rock:)

Thanks. It's good for Linux usrs, just try to digg some more interesting stuff that I don't know.

Re: Cool! Thanks!

@terrywang: Linux Format has several thousand readers in Australia - it's available in some of the larger magazine outlets, and you can subscribe too and have it delivered to your door. It's not that cheap, mind you; if you use the code from the podcast, it costs $150 AUD for a year (13 issues).






The book is great. It has many step by step instructions on how to install and set up programs in it. I would say most anyone would come away with something new in this book. Thank you.

Super cool!

This will definitely make my life is when I get newbies in. This will be the Montessori guide for linux :)


It should be "This will definitely make my life *easy* when I get newbies in" in my previous comment.

super nice gift

thank you very much, knight of linux

Free is great...

and I don't usually complain about free. BUT... the quality of graphics in this pdf make it useless. I was going to share this with some Linux newbies, but can't.

Another step forward

Great guide guys, a link will be forwarded to everyone that I have migrated to linux (shouldn't take too long then! )
Its a great move and with the PDF archives of LXF articles gives me more to read when I'm on my box to keep me away from the more nefarious sites on the web ;-)

very good

Thank you!

很好! 谢谢!

Really useful

Thanks from Spain (I have to improve my english :))

Brilliant Beginers Guide

I'll definately use this for people that ask me.
Thanks so much.

No *buntu

All information is a good thing BUT I'm tired of having to weed out the *buntu specific stuff.

Very nice job on the book though, thanks.

Good guide, this was needed.

Good guide, this was needed.


KUDOS and more kudos.

Just started it...

I just saw this for the very FIRST time and I am now downloading it. This is a very good idea that is well needed. THANK YOU!!

Just started it...

I just saw this for the very FIRST time and I am now downloading it. This is a very good idea that is well needed. THANK YOU!!

Great work but...

This is something really great, way to go, I'm impressed! This is stuff that people need, a free system with free manuals full of pictures. And the pictures are the only negative thing in this guide. They should be clear, it looks terrible this way.

It was good.

It was good.

Worthless at the image quality provided...

The quality of the images makes is non-usable for the newbie.

Thank you TuxRadar and LXF!! Is there a HQ version of this PDF?

Great! Work!!

Is there a better image quality version for download?

Thanks again,

Great work

Thank you!



sweet & sour

good sweet info but sour images

sweet & sour

good sweet info but sour images



Love the idea

But the screenshot images are of very low quality!

Good starter guide

Although the screenshots are low-res and on the blurry side (that's OK, as the mind seems that way a lot these days), this guide is a good reference to get Linux n00bs started on the right foot. While it would be nice to have a high-res version available, we should remember that this PDF is offered to us gratis and shareable.

A possible option: to keep the server hosting load nice and light, perhaps a torrent link could be prepared for a high-res version for those who want a clear screenshot copy.

Thanks to TuxRadar for making this guide freely available!

Linux Format is available in Australia

Cool! Thanks!

terrywang - February 21, 2009 @ 7:05am


I don't know Linux Format magazine because it is not sold in Australia.

I spent a year in Australia recently, and I was able to buy Linux Format every month, albeit a month later than in the UK.

Try a different newsagent.

Goodbye Microsoft

Goodbye Microsoft

On demand printing

Looks like a great guide to give a newbie. Is it avavilable through any of the 'print on demand' services (such as

The Obvious Question

While I am happy to have this FREE information, the book in print included a DVD. How do I acquire this?


Num entendi nda do q voces falaram, mas ainda assim o linux é otimo....

so thank you

i would like to say very thanks for this e book

Linux twice as fast .... now available for Windows moped drivers

Like it very professional for such a good price .... what is the problem with the graphics ..... are some people viewing the manual on Windows in 640 x 480 mode ..... due to it only working at a reasonable speed in that resolution .... lols ...


thanks guys much appreciated

Wow! it is grate.

This e-book have good contents & it's free.

Wow! it is graet.

This e-book have good contents & it's free.

Wow! it is great.

This e-book have good contents & it's free.

Super Stuff

Nice Book Sir, Thanks a lot for this wonderful gift to Linux World

thank you

Many thanks. It's over a decade since I used linux regularly, and that was with an rpm based distro. This will be invaluable in refreshing and updating my basic linux skills.

...with respectful greetings from

Thanks for the

Thanks for the book,

Dhnyavaad from INDIA

great linux

even still stranger in used in indonesia but i respect for you...thank's linux


Perfetto, Perfecto!

Please provide the High-Res Version

First, thank you for providing what you have. For me, I know my way around Ubuntu, however, I really wanted better images from it because I want to include it on the desktop of new-installs that I do for friends. It provides so much useful information for a NewB that I hate to see it spoiled by poor image quality.


linux starter pack

just saved it, will read soon.

a good fuel for beginners

the book was really useful

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