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We’ve been able to convince the holders of the purse strings here at Linux Format that we really do need to replace the ever-awesome Jonathan Roberts. So here’s your chance to grab a dream job, working on something you love!

We’re now officially looking for a Technical Editor; as well as writing lots of varied stuff for the magazine, you’ll need to help us out with some of the more technical aspects of running the Good Ship LXF - specifically, assisting us with the TuxRadar and Linux Format servers, as well as helping us come up with a devious plan for digital domination.

This is a full-time role located in Bath, England, and the successful candidate will become a fully fledged member of the team, working alongside Andrew, Ben, Effy, Gary and Graham. We create the magazine together, pooling our ideas and working hard to build each issue, so you’ll quickly become an an integral part of our continued (and industry defying!) success.

We don’t expect you to have prior experience in publishing, but you do need to show you can write, that you can communicate clearly, and that you’re committed to free software and Linux.

For a much more prosaically worded description of the job, and info on how to apply, click on the following link:

Let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll do our best to answer below (or email us privately).

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Your comments

Love to...

...but I'm not sure I've got a big enough afro!

And me...

Employ me!

Employ the person above

Clearly they communicate clearly, and they're obviously committed...

Essential Skills

Must have a cool hairstyle like Jon did.


Employ the person who suggested employing the person above

Great! Super!


While I appreciate that people want to get a rise out of .. well .. themselves, I do question whether we should be considering paying money to a company that would take the advise of somebody who goes by the moniker of "flange monkey". I'm not sure I really want to know, but what kind of monkey interacts with a flange? and more to the point, what exactly is a flange anyway?!

Seriously, however, employ the flange monkey just so that we can point and laugh at the magazine's cover when it talks about "let[ing] flange loose on a raspberry pi". We'll just tell your mother we ate it....

Oh man...

Wish I was still in England. Bath is an awesome place and LF sounds like a great place to work. Here's hoping something else is open in a couple of years :-D

Oh for heavens sake

I'll look at my calendar, it's free for the next twelve months at least, and packing up and going isn't beyond my capacity. But if you seriously can't find someone to occupy the position, give me a yell, and if it can be arranged, talk to my people, you know, then sure, I'm up for it.
anything that gets me even slightly closer to home away from home. There isn't much around here that's keeping me back. It's just the coordination. But yeah, I'm up for a job.
(don't have the Theology training John had, but OTOH a theological upbringing would lend somewhat to the ideology of what sharing is all about. I miss John's insight, and perspective, and perhaps a shakeup is what is required at fortress Linux Format.
Although, if they are actually towers, why you all seem to have to congregate in the basement does sort of indicate a lack of faith in your overseers.

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

Truth told, I understand nothing of publishing. I only offer my services because it appears you so obviously need someone to supply them.

But actually I don't know if I can, I am only saying it so that someone else will recognise and do the same.

Merry Christmas

Highly Recommended

For those of you considering the position, from experience I can say it's well worth the effort. It's also an awesome way to both do something you enjoy every day and learn more about Linux and open source (or build on your existing knowledge if you're already a seasoned expert).

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer at LXF Towers (and the subsequent year or two I spent contributing so I could pay my way through university). It's the kind of thing that earns you many geek kudos and certainly adds a little something to your CV! :)

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