Ubuntu to rewrite Linux kernel using Mono


Mark Shuttleworth, the Benevolent Dictator for Life of the popular Ubuntu Linux distro, has announced his plans to rewrite all of Gnome, X11 and the Linux kernel using the Mono platform.

Mark Shuttleworth in Mono T-shirt

Mono - the open source re-implementation of the Microsoft .NET Framework - has long been the subject of criticism from Free Software advocates as a potential patent minefield, particularly in the wake of Microsoft suing companies such as TomTom for other patent violations just recently.

But Shuttleworth, speaking from his gold-plated rocket ship, brushed aside any problems, saying, "Ubuntu is Linux for human beings, and, believe it or not, Microsoft employees are human beings too. We think we need to work closer with Microsoft to ensure heterogenous data silo paradigm middleware enhancements can continue to grow. Oh, and they gave me this nice T-shirt."

We tried to get in touch with Miguel de Icaza, the lead developer of the Mono project, but he was unavailable for comment, reportedly on a skiing trip somewhere near Redmond, Washington.

But a Novell spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous responded, saying, "neither Novell nor our good friends at Microsoft think Mono is a problem. Linux users have nothing to worry about, and we think Monobuntu should really silence all the Mono critics because it proves that we were right all along. So neener!"

While some might say that it's near-impossible to rewrite Gnome and the Linux kernel using Mono and C#, Shuttleworth has said the first fruits of the work will make it into Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope. "We think it's important to start rolling out this cool stuff immediately. People are going to see some incredible performance benefits from the Mono switch, and I think Microsoft will happy to have some extra support in these trouble times. Plus this T-shirt is really nice. Go on, touch it - it's so soft!"

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Happy April' Fools Day! ;-)



O my God, it`s just 1. april...oh, thats good...


I think this is a very good idea! Maybe MS Buntu or Ubundows would be an even better name

Can't argue with that

It is a nice t-shirt.

you guys wont be laughing

you guys wont be laughing when it turns out he's serious.

I hate you guys!

Happy April fool's day. I walked right into it on Twitter.
Will get you for this hahaha...

Nice one

Want that t-shirt! :)

I had already planned to

I had already planned to dump ubuntu from my systems.


I guess that ruins my plans to rewrite the Linux kernel as a shell script :/

If only Mono was capable ....

hahahahahah!! Nice try.... I really really just wish Mono could even consider it!!

Happy 1st April!!

Gold-plated rocket ship? I'd

Gold-plated rocket ship? I'd settle for a ride to space in a rusty can!

Python would've been more

Python would've been more realistic!


Could you get me a t-shit like that ? (:

I want one.

please please please send me the t-shirt with my next Linux Format issue.

Also see this weeks MicroMart magazine news of a Bill Gates sponsored distro called Tishllub.

That's a Cracker

Nice one.

But you can keep the T-Shirt...



may be it's April lay!

may be it's April lay!



WTF! April's fool

WTF! April's fool

On a serious note this is

On a serious note this is what Microsoft really did! Windows Vista was so late because they tried to write it in .net, had to abandon what they had and start again. Windows Seven runs much quicker than Vista because it's really the finished version of rush job Vista called a different name.


Didn't get me!!


That's it, I'm switching to Gentoo.


"That's it, I'm switching to Gentoo."

it kicks ass.


AHH! im reading this on the

AHH! im reading this on the 4 june!! Didnt think of April fools day at all......... No Fair!


Example: Tomboy vs Gnote
In gnome-system-monitor:
Tomboy -> 15.4 MB
Gnote -> 7.1 MB
For the same number of notes.

Oh, good grief!

I almost got a nose bleed when I started reading this article. Then I began to think, "something is a bit fishy." Then I checked the publish date... ahhh! Whew! Having this thing up year round is dangerous.

And you come on the first SERP


I almost believed it


as i started reading the article (3 May 2011) i was getting comfy for the expected ensuing flame war in the comments section. what a killjoy when i read the first comment about april fools and then verified that the article was published on april 1st.

on the same day as i do a fresh install of debian on any machine i remove anything related to mono/cil from synaptic.

i so wish that canonical would try rewriting all that stuff in mono. it would be the quickest way to bankrupt the company when after a couple of years they realise the monobuntu department has spent their entire budget on coffee and chuppa chups and nothing has been achieved. nah not really. hey anyone competing with microsoft has gotta be good even if for that reason alone.

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