Ubuntu Format magazine: on sale now!


While visiting Mark Shuttleworth to record our podcast with him, Mark agreed to give his backing to an idea we've been experimenting with for some time. So it's with great excitement that we can now announce the launch of Ubuntu Format magazine: your #1 resource for Ubuntu news, reviews and tutorials.

Mark Shuttleworth holding Ubuntu Format magazine

If you already read Linux Format, you'll already be familiar with our formula, but if you've not come across us before here's what you can expect to find in Ubuntu Format:

  • Ubuntu news
  • Ubuntu reviews
  • Ubuntu tutorials
  • Ubuntu features
  • Ubuntu tips
  • Ubuntu on the free DVD
  • Ubuntu
  • Monobuntu
  • Brown
  • Mark Shuttleworth

Stuart Anderton, Senior Group Publishing Director Masterchief of Linux Format and Ubuntu Format, said, "while many people have predicted that print magazines are on the way out, Ubuntu Format is dead set to prove them absolutely wrong. I think the unique blend of reviews, tutorials, features and - of course - brown, will make this magazine a hit on the newsstand."

Paul Hudson, the newly appointed editor of Ubuntu Format, said, "Mark was really excited when we made the pitch to him. When we took the lift down into his volcano fortress, I have to admit we were all a bit unsure about what he might say. When we saw the sharks - and they really do have LASERS on their fricking HEADS - we were terrified. But as soon as we said we'd be including signed photographs of him with every issue, Mark was all for the idea."

Ubuntu Format is on-sale at all good magazine and book stores worldwide from today, but stocks are very limited so make sure and pick up a copy before they all sell out!

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Your comments

But what will you have left

But what will you have left to put in Linux Format?! :)

Wait a minute....

That picture has been photosh... er Gimped!

Any subscriptions?

Any subscriptions?

And I was waiting for ...

... Slackware Format.

Believe it when I see it ;)

Believe it when I see it ;)

hmm april fool?

That image looks gimp'd/photoshoped to me.

That gave me a good giggle!

That gave me a good giggle! :D

Ha... just noticed it's

Ha... just noticed it's April Fool's Day!

Nice one, guys!

Format Windows Anyone?


Yeah, his head is a bit off.

Yeah, his head is a bit off.

will it be sold next to the

will it be sold next to the brown and orange wallpaper in b&q? Or in a brown wrapper on the top shelf?


Please some kind of subscription for LoCo Admins... I don't know if I can live without more brown!!!

You mean it is not already Ubuntu Format?

I thought the magazine already was Ubuntu Format :) That will shift again I am sure. I remember when it was pretty much Mandrake Format at one time.

But which one is the

But which one is the fool?

Damn it LXF!

Hmm, he must have a back issue there...

...sadly I recognise the cover. Glad to see you made it just in time - 11:59 ;-)
Love, Light and Peace, Crispibits

Windows: Format...

... C:

Way to go, eh? ;)

A Close Shave...

Just one minute more and the joke would have been on you! :D

You fools....

Nice... I wouldn't even be surprised if you made that real...

April fool

Nice fool you wanna make out of us :P


Your captcha is screwed. Most people probably don't know how to type "17½ Helmuth".... hahaa (altgr+5 on linux, it's not on winblows)

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