tuxradar.com and linuxformat.com outage


If you've been trying to access this site, or any of the sites hosted on linuxformat.com (including the forum), since around 8am, you may have noticed that we've been offline! We only noticed ourselves around 1pm, but almost everything should be back to normal for the time being.

The only thing you'll want to take note of is that, until Monday morning at least, seasons 1 and 2 of the podcast are currently unavailable.

Right, back to the weekend now...

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Happened before

It happened that weekend as well for about six hours?

Enjoy the Choice :)


Last weekend doh

Server on coffee break

I think your servers decided to take a few hours off while you weren't looking. They were probably chatting up the coffee machine.

Time for hardware upgrade?

If you do, get a new forum engine as well, phpBB2 is waaayyy too old... With Mike working on his beer-belly, and its associate effects ;-), you can do so w/o him stamping his way into the office threatening anyone who dares touch his beloved forum ;-P

Seasons 1 and 2?

I am sooo glad I have downloaded all of your podcasts. Those silly servers. Don't know what they're up to.

blind spot

Did anyone else first read that title as "outrage" instead of "outage"?

RE: blind spot

Yeah, and I read "season" as "session" several times.


OK. Own up. You started St. Paddy's Day celebrations early....

$MMDD= `date "+%m%d"`;
if ($MMDD =~ /0317/) {
# Is it beer o'clock yet?
$HH = `date "+%H"`;
while ($HH ne "08") {
sleep 3600;
$HH = `date "+%H"`;
$gotobyebyes = `init 0`;
} else {
print "No St. Patrick's day. No action taken\n";
exit 0;

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