Recursive Hanging


Readers of this blog are no doubt aware of some programmers penchant for recursive acronyms, Gnu Not Unix (GNU) being the most popular.

With that in mind, here at LXF towers we all enjoyed seeing BoingBoing link to this recursive e-petition on Public hanging for those who propose public hanging.

Whatever you (or we) think about the petition, recursion should be celebrated where ever it's found!

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hang em high

I think that people who propose public hanging for proposing public hanging need hanging.

String 'em up, I say! Wasting our time with their wimpy, lefty goody two shoes ideals!



Suicide by petition?

That is something I call devotion, people who are willing to die for their cause :)

PHP........PHP Hypertext Preprocessor...

What does PHP mean?
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.
What does the PHP in PHP Hypertext Preprocessor mean?
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, Hypertext Preprocessor
What does the PHP in PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, Hypertext Preprocessor mean?
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, Hypertext Preprocessor, Hypertext Preprocessor................

Metacognitive recursion

I appreciate your appreciation.

It amused me...

... to hear someone describe philosophers as "people who think about the ways we think".

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