Podcast update: smaller files!


Thanks to your complaints suggestions, our sound engineers have gone over the first six of our podcasts and recompressed them to make them as teensy as possible. Hmm... that doesn't quite sound cool enough, so let's say they digitally remastered them. Yes, that's better.

Anyway, the podcasts could get even smaller, but we like keeping them in stereo because podcast junkies who listen with headphones on get to hear our voices in a neato stereo sound field. All our podcasts will be made to this smaller file size in the future, but if you've subscribed to the RSS feed for either the Ogg Vorbis podcast or the MP3 podcast you may get a little hiccup as the new files kick in - sorry!

If you're scratching your head and thinking, "what podcast?" then get with the agenda already: we produce the world's best Linux podcast every two weeks for your listening pleasure, so stop reading books as you commute to the office and instead enjoy our fornightly(!) update of Linux news, tips and ranting. But mostly ranting.

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Your comments

smaller files

As far as the podcasts are concerned, thanks for listening. Hang on, shouldn't you be saying that to me?.........

I can only assume you were referring to me as one of the original <s>complainers</s>suggesters, and yes 25mb is a considerable improvement over the 53mb from last time.

Nice improvement!

Nice improvement!

OGG good

I like the ogg format, my Genus Vizo 1 portable media player plays ogg files with no problems.

My one suggestion though to improve the podcast: please state the date of recording at the beginning. Sometimes I listen to podcasts days, weeks or even months after they were released, so it is handy to place the podcast in its correct historical context. I also listen to the PC Pro podcast (which occassionally mentions linux but is more general in its PC coverage) and suggested it to them, and they implemented that idea right away.

It helps having a small file format, and knowing when it was recorded when listening to the podcast.

Keep up the good work, I enjoy every podcast, and also really liked the one with Mark Shuttleworth.

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