Podcast Season 5 Episode 11


Title: Hong Kong Phooey

In this episode: Where in the world is Edward Snowdon? Richard Stallman is now internet famous. Adobe and Citrix open source their stuff. Canonical's Ubuntu Phone now has its own club. Eben Upton gets a Silver Medal and the Ouya games console is available now. Hear our discoveries, the sound of people's brains, and your own mindvoices in the Open Ballot.

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What's in the show:

  • News:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
      • Ctrl-Alt then drag-select with your mouse to copy a square of text in the command-line. Very useful for column views in screen and IRC.
      • Feedly is the best replacement for Google Reader, so far.
    • Ben:
      • Distribute secret data to multiple recipients with configurable redundancy using Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme.
      • There's a few days left on the latest Humble Bundle, and it's worth it for Fractal alone.
      • Auk - the bird family, is awesome.
    • Andrew:
    • count_jocular: (from our IRC channel #linuxformat on freenode.net)
  • Speak Your Brains:
    • Many thanks to both Mike and Dan-Simon for sending in their brains. Email graham.morrison@futurenet.com with your own suggestions/questions for next time.
  • Challenge Us:
    • Hear very little from the further adventures of Chris Thornett. But we do come up with an ace new challenge for next time.
  • Open Ballot: Which desktop do you use?

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"Canonical's Ubuntu Phone now has its own club."

I didn't know what a carrier club was - so I immediately imagined Mark Shuttleworth and Jono Bacon at a disco in the theme of A Night at the Roxbury.


...looking forward to the podcast.

It's pronounced...

'000-JAH', and generally yelled at people like the marine battle cry 'Oorah' (spittle optional). The platform also has 186 games currently.

cc ftw

cc music - Morus Alba - MDMA (Part 2)
The Lights Galaxia - While she sleeps (Morning edit)

cc music is great compared to chart stuff. It is like being given a lovingly created meal when you thought that the only alternatives were KFC or McD. I listen to genres of music I would not normally give brain time too.

Google Reader replacement

Feedly was mentioned on the podcast, but personally I'd like to move to something open source so I never have to worry about the software disappearing on me like google reader.

The best options I've found are Tiny Tiny RSS, NewsBlur and ownCloud's News reader app (work in progress). All three can be hosted on your own servers and can import your google reader data.

For the lazy, NewsBlur offers free and premium accounts if you don't want to go down the self hosted route.

Personally I'm using Tiny Tiny RSS.

I use Tiny Tiny RSS. Had a

I use Tiny Tiny RSS. Had a few teething issues with getting the updates to work but now works like a charm. It would be nice to be able to re-map the hot keys though (without having to hack core).


Just wanted to share (as challenged) that I setup and delivered my first Linux PC. I used a disc from LXF I think it was 167 with Zorin (6?). Was so excited, it was quick (on an 2002-3 HP Pavilion P4) , visually appealing, and familiar that I thought the client would be quite impressed. Sadly I had it returned and went through a week long nightmare attempting to set up his DIAL-UP NETWORKING on any one of two PCI winmodems.
I suggested a usb modem which clarified it worked with linux kernel 2.24 or better but at fifty USD he was not interested and to my demise I ended up reinstalling XP.

There is no lack of games for the Ouya

I don't think there is a lack of games for the Ouya console as stated in this podcast. Well, _officially_ perhaps there is, but not really.

As far as I can tell, the entire point of this console is to run mods of other (earlier) consoles, like NES, SNES, Sega systems and Sony PS systems which you get in packs of thousands on torrent sites. Naturally, they cannot host these files on their store since their legal status is dubious in most countries.

This is also something the Ouya is alone to offer among the non-homebrew consoles:)

Professional Rss Moaners

There no need for Rss anymore, Rss is Dead , Rss has been Dead for years , So get over it!.

Semi-professional RSS appreciators


True in a way. Many of my ~80 feeds use the Atom format instead of RSS.

Hi guys! Can I ask you guys

Hi guys!
Can I ask you guys to NOT chew bubble guns during a recording? Thank you in advance!

Feel free to play my music

Hello chaps. You mentioned that you would like to play some Creative Common music on the show. Perhaps you might like to play some that was made by a listener. All my stuff is CC. Have a listen here:

soundcloud dot com/ciderbeardjoe/sets/demo-1

All the best.

P.S. Apologies for erroneously posting this in the EFF story comments. I'm a bit tired today.

CCHits (dot net)

CCHits is a daily, weekly and monthly podcast featuring entirely CC licensed music. Its all done using Open Source software, including PHP, festival, and SoX. I even told Graham about it a year or so ago. If you're voting on tracks, and want to submit the tracks you're playing to the site, please give me a shout (show at CC hits dot net). Also, please feel free to play any of the tracks from the CCHits monthly chart :)

Just to add... more CC music

Want It Back by Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra is a phenomenal track.

CC music recomendations

Two artists on Jamendo I recommend are Rebentisch from Germany and Mezzamo from Russia. Have a listen for example to:

"Single" by Rebentisch on the Intimität album

"You and me" by Mezzamo on the Aloneluna album

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