Oracle buys Sun - what now for MySQL, Java and OOo?


Oracle has announced it is purchasing Sun Microsystems for just over $7 billion. The official word from Oracle is that the purchase gives it two key assets - Java and Solaris - but open sourcerers will understandably be more interested in MySQL and, two apps that form core parts of many free software installations.

Although MySQL and Oracle clearly occupy two very different spaces in the database industry, Oracle's ownership is likely to make many sysadmins uneasy about its long-term future - are we going to see increased closed-source extensions? Does Oracle have any interest in continuing the product at all?

The questions get even muddier when you start considering apps such as or VirtualBox, which lie squarely outside Oracle's core competencies and may prove of little interest to the company. Perhaps Novell's Go OO spin-off isn't looking quite so bad now, and equally we may see more MySQL forks like Drizzle that keep the database true to its roots.

What do you think - does this spell trouble for MySQL and a grim future for OOo and VirtualBox, could this takeover finally make Java the success it deserves to be, or is this just Oracle legitimately expanding further into the Linux space?

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IBM might have been better

I would have preferred IBM to take over SUN. It's too early to about what Oracle might do with the Open Source apps you mention, but the good thing is that they ARE Open Source! The community support (at least for MySQL and Open Office) is sure to mean a successful fork if Oracle drop support.

(As an openSUSE linux user I was surprised I hadn't heard about Novell's Go OO. I know they have a lot of detractors, but I think Novell has done a lot of great things for the Open Source community.)

Global Players Club 2012

Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM

Let's see

So... Let's see what's going to happen. I hope Oracle does a good job with those apps.

I hear...

.. a few death knells.




This really sucks, how could you SELL US OUT SUN?!

All that's left now... for IBM to buy Oracle....

Have a few coins ?

Let's put some money together and buy it back !

Oracle was obviously trying to flirt with the Open Source (not necessarily FOSS) movement in the last couple years. I don't think they will kill all these projects right away because that would be a rather bad PR move.

Sounds a little like Detroit and the ...

Electric car.



Doesn't Oracle provides lots

Doesn't Oracle provides lots of GPL code back to the community? The comments here sound a little odd taking that into account.

Oracle is not going to kill

Oracle is not going to kill the major products, IMO. They know if they kill MySQL, the market will just shift to another open source RDBMS. Instead, they can continue supporting it, and making the transition to the proprietary enterprise level Oracle databases easier. The worry, however, lies with the smaller open source projects. ZFS, VirtualBox, etc...

These are definitely going to lose their corporate support, IMO.

don't worry.. maybe few

don't worry.. maybe few years down the road, IBM or Microsoft will buy over Oracle. Ha.... then all under one single umbrella. hahahah

buy everything

Yeah. Vote for microsoft, Come on Big MAN. Buy Oracle, Google, Yahoo, Sun, Apple. Buy everything!!!

not going to do much

I suspect Oracle will do nothing, there will be mass layoffs and departures from the mysql database group. Users will become frustrated because while it is open source the majority of fixes are done by paid developers not individual contributors. The main question will be if any of the derivatives that crop up will have a set of developers who will maintain the product.

We cant jump into

We cant jump into assumptions right away, But i think that is bad news.. unless Oracle proves otherwise...
its true if IBM was the one but hey lets give Oracle a while to play the the first card and will see.

to bad !!

It really hurting me to see efforts from open source community being owned commercial companies

Just trying to get a monopoly on technology

I think oracle is just trying to get a monopoly on popular technologies so they can guide the development path to be more inline with their commercial products until people are dependant on oracle style products and can't turn away without huge losses.

Then again, Java is nearly worthless IMO anyways so they do whatever they want to it. I do think their database and MySQL with start to look more and more similar as time goes by with oracle always ahead in features so people are tempted to buy instead of waiting for the free version to catch up. They do that if the control the bulk of developers. They just have to develop new features and only include them in the commercial products.

Java is Worthless?

U think like that and it makes urself worthless....
Do you know how many companies use Java for their work frames?
I cant believe u just said that :/

Oh man

This really is a dangerous move, because the commercial companies are starting to buy more and more of the open source products. It is a takeover, and it damages the spirit of FOSS. It is sad that OpenOffice is going to be under a commercial companies control. Maybe there will be a name change to ClosedOffice. =[ This is the reason that we, the FOSS community need to get involved and help promote opensource products.

Aren't current MySQL

Aren't current MySQL releases already available under the GPL? As such, doesn't it automatically follow that, at least in terms of releases that have already made it out in the wild, Oracle cannot put the Genie back in the bottle, so to say?

That is to say, any 3rd party is already entitled to redistribute current GPL releases of MySQL, or to create modifications or enhancements based on existing releases, and freely distribute those enhancements.

So even if Oracle never contributes one single line of additional open source code to MySQL ever again, a concerned community could band together and would have every legal right to create a new de-facto "unofficially official" open source branch of MySQL.

What Oracle does with Open Source Acquistions

If you want to know what Oracle does with its open source acquisitions take a look at the history of the once promising Berkeley Database which Oracle acquired when it bought Sleeping Cat.

Conditions for using Oracle's Open Source

Here's what you have to say in order to use Oracle's Open Source DB: "I am interested in Oracle Berkeley DB for personal use or for an application used exclusively within my company."

Well, the comment about

Well, the comment about coming under a corporation's control is silly - so what's Sun Microsystems then, a co-operative?

If Oracle does try to kill off stuff like or VirtualBox, well... already has at least one fork (Novell's), MySQL has a couple, and I suspect if VirtualBox doesn't already it will soon in that situation! Open Source licenses like the GPL are Pandora's Box - they can never be shut again.

Monitizing Open Source

This all started good intentions then greed got in the way.
MySQL AB sold out for a billion.
Sun could not profit quickly enough for their board.
They sell to Oracle Now What.

SEC should stop these tech mergers, they are stifling innovation, and endangering the Open Source Movement.
But who needs regulations "Yea Free Trade"

Open source has been

Open source has been monetised more or less since its very inception. I can't say I care much in this case.

What's Oracle Spin?

What is Oracle Saying? Will OpenOffice be called OracleOffice (OO) or OOO?
It seems that with the Berkeley DB and MySQL acquisitions. Oracle now controls key technology innovations. Where was Apple in the bidding for SUN? Jobs failed to see the light!

What would Apple want with

What would Apple want with the Sun hardware business? And I can't really see it getting into the enterprise software business either.

Community Supported Software

While it can happen, most major open source project have significant support from paid staff of profit-making companies. Witness Red Hat, Star Office (under Sun), Ubuntu (Cannonical) and many other projects. There are a precious few open source projects with total or mostly community support (Debian) but not that many that are major or long lived.

MD & CSA[S-AppSys]

what will happen to java and apache projects? because most of the apache projects depends java and indirectly suppported by sun.

Oracle does no Comply

A problem with Oracle is that it does not comply to international standards. Oracle is also an American company and Mysql a European company. This will give Americans an Information Superiority over the Europeans. Aside from that, Oracle is a very unfriendly company. The landscape will definitely change for the worse. IBM is one of the few companies that may be able to set new standards in programming languages. As for Java, it will probably become to broad and big to support middle range developers and individual developers.

A good idea might be to switch to C# and Microsoft. Especially because Microsoft is changing anyway. If you still want to develop interesting web applications or desktop applications that are flexible, adaptible and make money that is. We'll see.

This sucks!!

This sucks bad.. Sun was my favorite company! How could they just sell Sun to Oracle!?!

here's to hoping for oracle's OpenSource adoption

So far VirtualBox 3.2.2 works great on Gentoo. I hope this continues; it would be wise for Oracle to continue and improve all the products.

Yeah old news

Still tough very sad...
I don't think I want to update VBox so much anymore, I have a feeling that suddenly errors starts to arise which can only be properly "fixed" in the commercial version.

Yes I don't use the open version because it doesn't have USB support, but besides that I guess I could cope....

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