Open Ballot: will you attend a Linux event this year?


From friendly little LUG gatherings at the pub, through to massive conferences sponsored by technology giants, there are loads of Linux events taking place throughout the year. We want to know: will you be attending anything this year? If so, what sort of event is it, and what do you plan to do there? If not, why not - is it due to time limitations, or distance, or reluctance to get into a whopping great KDE vs Gnome debate?

Please let us know in the comments, and we'll read out the best bunch in our upcoming podcast. Don't be a square and just call yourself Anonymous Penguin though - you're an individual.

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Too late

You are way too late. I already did (FOSDEM).


I'll be doing Oggcamp.

pub lug

The odd LUG down the pub, if time permitted i'd do things like fosdem aswell :)

I wish

I am disabled and have a hard time leaving the house. So, unless there's a Linux event in my living room, I'll be absent this year again.

Would love to but being a

Would love to but being a student, in the middle of nowhere, a bit hard really. Suppose I could make one here...


Will at least attend the Ohio Linux Fest.

Ireland is not eventful.

Unfortunately living in Ireland does not lend itself very easily to conferences, I would like at some point to go to a linux conference in USA but until I get some more money ( I'm a college student after all )

So not this year, but definitely some year.


I plan on going to as many as I can. I just attended a Debian 6 release party and I run the West Michigan LUG which meets monthly.

I also plan on attending both the Ohio LinuxFest and the Indiana LinuxFest.

At Least Two

I have air, hotel and tickets for SCaLE but I have to fly almost 3000 miles and the weather this winter has me worried.
I will try to attend SELF again this year; last year was great.


That's a rather personal question...

...and I'll thank you not to ask again!

I will not only be attending

I will not only be attending SCalE this year but I signed up to give a talk. After attending for the first time last year I felt like I may have something to offer the community.

A personal question?

Why would this question be too personal?

Idleness and jealousy

All the UK conferences seem to be centred round London, so that's too far (and expensive!) for me to travel to. So no luck there.

I checked my local LUG, but apparently a year later it's still "Starting" (and the website is down). So no joy there either. (That said my local LUG is based in a "major" university, and I'm a bit wary of exposing my lack of knowledge in front of all these post-teenage smarta55es!)

Is it just me or do the US folks seem better at doing this kind of thing than us Brit's? Certainly the responses above seem to bear this out.

I Would Love To

I would love to, but it's a case of finding one that I can get to. I used to go to the Linux Expo in Earl's Court in October where I, no less, met Monsieur Hudson and subscribed to LXF for the first time, but that's no longer on, unfortunately. I will look around to see what else there is, but it also depends on location and work commitments - for me a London mainline station is 45 mins on the train away so it's the best big location for me but they UK cons seem to be moving up to Birmingham/Liverpool/Manchester.


Hope to attend Oggcamp provided it is somewhere in the South.

Attending Oggcamp

plan on attending oggcamp. always been a blast.

Ucubed and Oggcamp

Helping out with Ucubed and planning on a having a camping trip down to OggCamp if it goes ahead!

Local LUGs

Two local LUGs - have been attending LUGs since 1998 but never been to anything bigger partly because I'm interested in Linux as a user rather than as a developer.


Yes, my friend and I are planning on attending SCaLE9x (Southern California Linux Expo) end of this month in Los Angles.

I'm 14, and most seem to far

I'm 14, and most seem to far away... I'd love to someday though, ask again in a few years!


I'm not sure how to find any events in Melbourne Australia, but I probably couldn't afford time or money, however my brother-in-law and I will be arranging a "Suseday", or "OpenSuSE installfest". Every eight months we get to together (after we have downloaded the massive DVD ISO) and install OpenSuSE on as many of our families' computers as possible. We even have a green cake or some such thing.

would love to.... but

until i paint the living room i'm not aloud out of the house, 'course if i had a lot of podcasts to listen to, i'd want to do the painting while listening on my mp3 player,then i could leave the house and maybe go to a linux event....

so hurry up..



In a word: No.

Largely because I live in Perth (Western Australia), the most isolated city in the world. :)

However, I also think that at these sorts of gatherings, there's a very fine line between two evils: pointless squabbling on the one side ("My emacs is better than your vi!"), and self-important self-congratulation on the other ("Yeah, we all use GNOME. It's so awesome, which means that we're so awesome!"). Perhaps I'm cynical, but I've rarely seen very much that's actually useful come out of these. Generally, people walk away fuming or smiling, but without much accomplished.

But maybe I just don't get it. Maybe that's the whole point of the gatherings: to get Linux users to interact with each other, and make them realise that they aren't the only ones using it. If the purpose of such gatherings is not so much to achieve anything as it is to make people feel good about using Linux (and their *particular* flavour, with their *particular* desktop, and their *particular* editor, etc.), then I'm all for them.

I still won't be attending anything, though: time and travel constraints tend to, well, constrain me.

Lack of events in Tessside

I'm with BobTheLinuxHacker, lack events around here, so doubt I be attending any.


Yes, I do... every single day

Basically there are four possible day-by-day events
1. Resume my Laptop... Linux event
2. Use my Desktop-PC.... Linux event
3. Log in my Server-Machine.... Linux event
4. Use my Android phone.... something like a Linux event

You need to be more specific:

Do you plan to attend any socializing Linux event which requires physical attendence?


Barkingside LUG

Two of us meet on an ad hoc basis in Barkingside Recreational Grounds hence the Barkingside LUG! I'm walking my dog and he is out doing errands on his bike. I use Linux Mint and he has Slackware, we discuss the odd problems we encounter or any news we come across. The nearest organised LUG is in Central London, so getting there is a problem and very time consuming.

Well... hopefully...

As a single dad I may have trouble getting out of the country for something that doesn't involve EuroDisney, but I am looking into the possibility of attending the Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin (August 6th - 11th,


I don't plan to go to any mainly because I don't know pc any in the area. The thing is I use a pc and mac too and don't go to any events of those either. I'm also.interested in photography but don't go to a local camera club of which I know there are a few.

I try to evangelise Linux to friends (for example a friend has an ee pc which runs like a dog on Windows but they weren't interested on trying out ubuntu on it because its too hard to install or get working according to them) but to no avail.

Although its probably beneficial to go, I'd have the sense that it was purely a preach to the converted kind of event...

too busy

too busy

Quite a few I Hope

I attend my local LUG as frequently as work commitments allow, and here in Blackpool the LUG meets weekly during School term time. I'm also doing one or two Linux related events. I'm going to the Okay_Computer event at the Manchester Madlab on 19th Feb, also going to U Cubed in April again in Manchester. Later in the year we will have Blackpool Barcamp and I hope to be able to be part of the LUG team doing Ubuntu Demos and installations. and in September for free software day I'll probably be involved with something in Manchester again.

I'm also looking at encouraging my Church to adopt FOSS and have offered to run local workshops with another member to our community.

Where do you find them?

I know there's not a LUG in my area, but the other big conferences seem to not be publicized anywhere. It's hard to know about something you don't know is happening until it gets announced on podcast X for next week...

Ogg Camp

If Linux Outlaws and the Ubuntu UK Podcasters are generous enough to hold the third OggCamp then I will definitely be there.
Last years event at Liverpool was fantastic !


I like Linux, I have been using it for many years, however I'm not wedded to it & don't need to be seen out with it :-)


LUG in pub not good
with beer and bar food
geeks over laptop toil
much kernel hacking spoil
glass bead game end
xorg 1.7.? to mend
resolve native display
use GRUB 2 or legacy
why or how or what or when
choose linux as electric pen

Linux / Cloud Expo

There was an expo at the Barbican in London recently which I attended. It was only a small event, and not much there about Linux, but plenty about the Cloud.

Hat Trick

I'll be attending the Indiana Linux Fest, then Southeast Linux Fest, and finally Ohio Linux Fest. I am lucky to be in a sweet spot: ILF 2.5 hours drive, OLF 3.5 hours drive, SELF (ouch) 7 hours drive. Oh...and I'm an end user, not a dev! I'm just obsessed I guess.

Keep up the good work folks!!


I will be attending the Utah Open Source Conference that tends to happen in October in Salt Lake City. It's not pure Linux. They have groups and classes for *BSD, hardware, and languages like Python also. It's three days of awe and wonder for me since my regular job is not in IT.

There are a couple of LUGs in driving distance from me but I haven't yet attended a meeting.


I've missed FOSDEM and I won't be able get to one local event next week. As a student, I can't afford to attend those huge events abroad. However, I hope to go to LinuxExpo and LinuxAlt later this year... and I might help organize some gatherings in our town.

This year? Yes!

I would definitely love to attend a Linux event this year.

Linuxtag in May. My germany

Linuxtag in May. My germany needs rehearsing and my english is not too goo either. I was there last year.

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