Open Ballot: what was the biggest Linux event in 2010?


We're gearing up to record our last podcast of 2010, and in this episode we'll be looking back on a very eventful year for the Linux community. In our Open Ballot - which isn't really an Open Ballot this time, we'll admit - we want you to tell us: what was the biggest event in the Linux world for you? Maybe it was the Mageia fork of Mandriva, or perhaps it was the release of MeeGo 1.0. Or maybe Ubuntu's decision to transition away from X is your killer moment of the last 12 months.

Whatever it is, let us know in the comments, and we'll read out the funniest and/or most interesting and/or most Smiths-referencing on air in the show. Unless you're boring and just call yourself Anonymous Penguin, of course.

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One thing I think is kinda

One thing I think is kinda funny is how now OpenBSD people can't say they are safer then Linux. But I think the biggest victory for Linux is Android. No matter how people feel about it, it really has proven to a large part of the population that Linux actually isn't all that hard.

Android is not linux

It's essentially a non-compatible fork, and does not advance the linux desktop a tiny inch forward.

OpenTTD again

Openttd for the DS. Now I can play the bast game ever on the move XD!

Distros outside top 100

As a Linux user I have always made a point of trying different distros, I thought the challenge of you trying different distros outside of distrowatch's top 100 was excellent. As a result I now use Paldo as my secondary distro, it's really a fab project and with a bit more contributors could become a more mainstream distro. I run Gentoo as my main distro and it really would take something special to knock that off my top spot, but paldo almost did and has now got a permanent place in my disto heart. Thanks for introducing this great project. Apart from needing it's repos extended, it really is a very good distro.

Mobile joy

For me, It was getting the N900. Finally I was able to use my favourite OS on a mobile

OGG camp

It has to be OGG camp for me, getting to meet people in the flesh and chat along with some really great talks

Lots really

Several things really....
Becoming an RHCE, RHCI, RHCX and working for one of the biggest Linux contributors out there.

My N900 - It might not be as sexy as an iPhone or some of the more recent Androids out there - but Oh what a device. In line with all Smart devices out there, the ONLY complaint is the battery life - but I manage that.

Fedora on my laptop. It is the first distro I have used that drives almost every device on my lappy out of the box, and it is not Ubuntu :) - Although I think Ubuntu has it's place.

Generally - Linux in the Mobile/Embedded & Server space - WINNER! Linux might not be the winner on the Desktop but it has pretty much every other space won and the Desktop is slowly becoming less relevant anyway.

Finally as a Big Negative - why do so many 'linux' people love Google - they may claim they do no evil, but really people - wake up! Everything they do is designed to erode your privacy and give them power. Remember information is power in this day and age and they are becoming VERY powerful. So whilst I love the concept of Android and Chrome(ium) you will never find me using them.

Looking forward to another Linux Year.

RedHat Enterprise Linux 6

A major release from RedHat is an important event nowadays! The previous one (RHEL-5) was released back in 2007.
Countless servers around the world will run this operating system for a very long time. Thousands of SysAdmins are going to work with it for years to come.
For that fact alone, I think RHEL-6 deserves to be mentioned here.

Ehm... about that "magical" patch...

It won't make anything 60x faster, or even 1% faster for that matter. It only affects scheduling of processes, so IF you have 60 processes/threads running on one terminal the CPU time will be divided evenly between those 60 and anything else (like e.g. firefox), and not evenly between everything (so e.g. firefox gets 1/61 and not 1/2 of cpu time). But obviously that only affects you if you run massive compilation jobs like make -j64, which is what most people did to show that it works, and which obviously is completely disconnected from reality:/ It's completely irrelevant for practically anything else, and mind you most people do at most make -j8 which means (assuming there really is something else actively fighting for cpu time, which in most cases is not true) 1/2 and not 1/9 of cpu time for that something, which while not bad, ain't as impressive or as "killer feature", especially when you consider that most "other" things are not actively fighting for cpu time and just wakeup do some short but heavy work and sleep (so less latency benefits them more then raw throughput).

No Reason

dm319, there is absolutely NO REASON to be taking God's Name in vain, and I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus for it!

Linux on the go

I think the biggest linux event is in our pants

Android starting to rule the world.

Everyone i know is asking me which is better,galaxy s or iphone 4. Although my respond was "if your a techie,go android;else iphone 4" in order to avoid me having to provide future support. It do show that normal average user are noticing Android as a challenger for iphone.

Meego in phone will only increase the numbers of Linux phones and in cars.

Two Worlds

the Unity (Ubuntu Netbook Edition) interface is really a thing to show off (not to mention that it loads from an ssd in 4-5 second cold start) on an netbook or sub-notebook.

KDE 4.5 (finally) with all the bells and whistles turned on.


My wife deciding her 1.6GHZ 1gig ram 120 gig HD was inadequate for Windows and giving it to me for a Linux box. Flies of course....

Cake bake

Small and personal in scale I know, but the tutorials in the magazine for Cake made me weep with joy! The first time I typed cake bake my life changed.

An aside, Tron could never exist in Linux, it'd have to be OS X. Before a program could jump on a lightcycle it would have to go looking all through the system for it's appendages, disc etc, etc.

Let's hope next time you ask this question, the answer could be "'Twas the year we saw the end of dependencies!"

Merry Christmas guys, thanks for your hard work this year mag and podcast have been excellent! Best to Paul next time you see him.

oooooo k

I think it's about time tuxradar explains exactly what it is about anonymous posters makes them boring, or not worth merit, or contemptible; because this hasn't being well explained.

If you think having anonymous posters prevents your website from culturing, you are -demonstrably- wrong.

I don't matter, my NAME doesn't matter, and that's generally true for everyone. I, and everyone else, don't care who you are, it doesn't matter.

Let me give you an example: I left my name as Anonymous. I just called the population of this website unimportant, which I suspect will be upsetting to the people who haven't figured that out for themselves. If I was to put my actual name "Alex Bruce" In that field, what would that have changed? Will you now think: "Alex Bruce? THAT GUY!? I had no idea he was a jerk all along!" Can you think of a name that would actually elicit that reaction?

Re: oooooo k

Mostly it helps us follow who is who in the discussion. But since it looks like you're one of only six posts using the default name, it probably isn't an issue.

Open Office, Linux Mint and VirtualBox

For me the highlights of 2010 were:
1. The forking of OOo and seeing where that might lead to, or not, just to avoid ending the sentence with to.
2. The continuing evolution of Linux Mint which has cemented its place firmly in the top 3 distros (check out Distrowatch) and is positioning itself to be flexible enough to work with mother distros other then the big U (see LMDE as an interesting example). Clem was a guest on a rival podcast a little while ago, was interesting to listen to his ideas.
3. The coming of age of VirtualBox in relation to VMWare for most virtual applications on a desktop.
4. Listening each podcast to hear about the interesting discoveries of the week (loved Schlimmbesserung) or what wacky stuff the Wheel can produce from otherwise relatively sane persons.
Anyway, Merry Christmas guys, really enjoy your podcasts. from an Aussie in Switzerland

Off topic comment

Gnome is my desktop of choice and it irks me to hear the entire podcast team faithfully mispronouncing the name each and every time they say it. This is especially irksome because they all sound like English men. To be fair, I think they should also mispronounce the names of the other desktops as well. So they should not pronounce the K in KDE or the X in Xfce etc.



listening to your podcast is like coming home to a lit fire and a lovely cup of tea. My ears are pleased and my face is smiling.

Keep up the wonderful work.

I'm sure someday Linux will be a viable alternative to OS X for me. I already recommend Ubuntu to my poor friends.

Best wishes,

@ lain

I recommend it to my smart friends as well.

Ubuntu the biggest event

Yup, The Ubuntu LTS Lucid Lynx. Every 2 years this unsurpassable event takes place in April. Now I am set until April 2012.

Small step for a Penguin, huge step forward for Penguinkind

Linux Mint Debian came out in September 2010 as a rolling release, just what many people have been waiting for years.
Thank you Clem and team, it's superb.

Mandriva is (almost) dead ... too bad ...

I'm not convinced that will be anywhere near as good (not much activity on their website, even for the Christmas season). I will miss its ease of reconfigurability with Mandriva Control Center, its RPM package management, and the frequent updates its contributors provide. Notice in the Linux Format distrowatch section that Mandriva no longer even shows up!

Although I like Fedora, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu and use them under VMWare (Windows), I'm loathe to switch and get used to new package management eccentricities, driver inconsistence, and configuration faux-pas.

Thus, I may be on Mandriva 2010.1 for a LONG time (or, shock horror, switch to using my MacMini OS X instead (ie I use Win7 because I have to)).

King Mandriva is dead, long live the (old) King!

LINUX on smartphone

The xda-developers work on getting Ubuntu to work on HTC smartphones

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