Open Ballot: Ubuntu, the next Apple?


Canonical obviously has grand dreams for Ubuntu's future. It all started with Bug #1 in 2004, when Mark Shuttleworth declared Microsoft's majority market share on new desktop PCs to be a bug that Ubuntu was designed to fix. Then, in 2008, Shuttleworth declared that he wanted Ubuntu to not just match, but to blow past Apple by providing a more beautiful and user friendly desktop. More recently, Ubuntu has been undergoing a redesign with the goal of allowing it to compete with the likes of Apple and Google on mobile phones, tablets and televisions. So, while in 2004 it was Microsoft that Canonical was wanting to usurp, in 2012 it looks like Apple is the company in their sights.

The question is, does Canonical have the capacity to succeed in this goal? Can Ubuntu be the next Apple, and be the success that Canonical clearly wants it to be.

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Too many changes

These canonical guys pushed too many unwanted things onto it's users, hence they lost many supporters. I don't mind changing things in my desktop since I adapt quickly, but, other users need them to work on a regular desktop just does the job.

They should be focusing now on making it to the tablet or phone business, they lost the battle in the desktop with unity and I don't think HUD will do the trick.

I still use ubuntu on 12.04 and it's not as bad as some people say it is, but it certainly isn't what user's want.

Still miles to go..

I am using ubuntu since 6.06. Good option but not the replacement. Great for old machines. But still miles to go...

No, but why all the criticism?

Ubuntu will never compete with Apple because, as many have said, they don't manufacture their own hardware.

But why does everyone here hate Unity so much? I hear lots and lots of people talking about what a terrible failure of a DE Unity is, but I've never heard anyone say what is supposed to be so bad about it. I use it everyday and don't have any real complaints. There are some bugs - but they've been fixing them pretty promptly. And there is a lack of customization - but every release of Ubuntu allows more and more of this.

Maybe.Ubuntu need do something big and find its profit model.

A desktop linux distro is just like a mixture or medley which welds a variety of components with different philosophy,user interface and low level lanuages into a whole entity and the consequence is poor usability and inconsistent user experience in desktop linux distros. Ubuntu does better in this aspect but far from enough to compare it with OSX and even windows. Ubuntu need do something big with long time and enough manpower.For example, ubuntu needs build a powerful OS platform offering stable api/abi, powerful tools(such as xcode for OSX and visual studio for windows) and good doucments for
developers, offering a consistent user interface for users .Then it can draw big software or game corporations' (adobe,autodesk,blizzard . etc.)attention to develop softwares for it.Although it needs much time and energy to fulfill this but is inevitable if you want to become mainstream desktop OS.
All of the aboves need time and manpower and so canonical need find its profit model to maintain it. Redhat has become the first $1billion open-source company.I think canonical could learn something from this. To become next apple,the first thing is to becoming profitable.

Nerdy Techs uneducated businessmen

you techs think you know it all.. just because microsoft has the market now does not mean it will have it forever. I run a small electronic recycling company today i went head to head with a multimillion dollar company that has been in business for over 50 years.. guess who left the meeting with that contract I did.. lil old sole proprietor.. and guess what my services are all 100% free.. the problems with most techs is their too busy sitting on their butts trying to figure crap out.. they never leave their seat to just go out there and do it.. ubuntu has potential and I do see it taking over little by little.

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