Open Ballot: The final frontier


Linux has long been one of the key operating systems in space. It powers all manner of satellites and such like, but now it's taking over space desktops as well. NASA has announced that it's migrating the International Space Station (ISS) laptops from Windows to Debian 6 (

With this, it seems, Linux has conquered the final frontier, but that doesn't mean world domination is complete. So, our question is this: Where would you like to see Linux adopted next?

Perhaps you'd like to see it take over the education system so that the next generation learns the true value of the Penguin OS. Or maybe you'd like to see it adopted by governments so that our tax money isn't siphoned off by Redmond. Or is nothing other than all-out war on every front until every computing device running a free OS acceptable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and we'll read them out on our up coming podcast.

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Your comments

Penguins in space?

As we've now got the skies owned, surely the next logical progression would be to put Linux underground somewhere so Linux would then nicely fill all gaps between heaven and hell.
That said, come to think of it Linux is used in the 'underground' hacker sense ... so we can possibly declare that the almighty Penguin has already completed its plan of entire world domination?

All bow to the mighty Penguin for he is our Lord and Ruler!

In my car

I would love to see Linux in my car. Every model has their own entertainment system. With WiFi I could download TuxRadar Podcast at home and then listen to it without fiddling around with Bluetooth or pluging thing in to each other. It could be upgraded without having to upgrade the whole car and even run apps with access to data about speed, location, fuel consumption.
I currently write my mileage log (for the tax man) on a bit of paper that I constantly loose. I would love to just select "work" or "personal" on the touch screen and have the car make its own logs that I can upload to my desktop.

On all government computers and in all schools

Because of the huge amounts that national and local government spend on licensing etc, any use of Linux would save everyone money; schools also seem to be tied in to contracts with proprietary systems, which also seem to be overly expensive.

Linux in the soho

At last there is a sign of "taking Linux serious". For a few people who are using a pc serious, linux rocks. Especialy safetywise and user friendly. For mor than 5 years i try to promote (K)Ubuntu. It would be possible to convince the manufacturers en governement worldwide to use Linux.
Henk Hovid

It's just us

People seem to forget there are an awful lot of government organisations using Linux already, it just appears not the UK government.
If I remember correctly alot of German Government (Munich?) use SuSE. I seem to remember South American countries too (possibly an anti-american/redmond stance)

Some UK organisations use Linux (I know it's favoured in a number of research projects).

To me we just need to keep plugging away. Remind organisations, "Linux is too complicated is it. Is that an Android phone/Raspberry Pi I see you have there?"

People seem to forget that it's everywhere, set top boxes, routers, appliances. If companies are looking for a system to run their "application" then Linux is the easier, and normally cheaper, route. Windows is tied to a set of interfaces and modes that Microsoft dictate.

Personally I'd like to see developers turn to it to provide single use systems. i.e kiosk systems. You see so many apps running over Windows (typically XP), and being damaged by the oddities that produces whenever they try to upgrade computers. I'm starting to rant so I'll stop there (I've rewritten this several times).

I agree with towy

There's absolutely no excuse for all (or at least a vast majority of) government and educational PCs not running a FLOSS OS and, where possible, FLOSS software too.

It makes sense in so many ways. And the single argument against it - that the kids need to be trained to use the OS that's out there in the workplace - is frankly bullshit. It's a circular argument and, aside from anything else, it's not schools' job to spend money to make life easier for businesses.

I'd also like to see a successful Linux games console. Proper Linux, not Android, so it'd be compatible with desktop Linux. I'm hoping Valve don't balls up the Steam-box.

Linux Adoption?

I'd like to see Linux adopted everywhere where the public have to pay via taxes. Hospitals, schools, government offices, military...

I fail to see why we should have to pay with our money for an OS that fails to deliver security and stability when we can have better for free.


I'd like to see Linux used in Hollywood.

Not in film creation (where I believe it already has a presence), I mean on the screen.

I'm sick to the back teeth of seeing Macs in films, and lately it's got worse...

All of "Arrow" (the green arrow series) blatantly sells Windows 8. They even have people who have to steal to eat who seem to be able to afford a MS Surface.

It's pretty ridiculous. Lets see a few Linux boxes please!

In The Work Place

I would like to see more GNU/Linux in the work place. The only reason that Microsoft Office or Microsoft Windows is taught in schools is because that is what is used in the work place. If libre office was the new standard in the work place running on Fedora or Ubuntu then that is what teachers would be teaching in schools. And what the kids learn in schools would travel back to the homes.


My TV and by that I don't mean in the television I mean as an advert... on primetime Saturday evening.

Some glossy 30 second ad not telling everyone that Windows and apple are a bunch of self-satisfying user hating plebs, but that Linux, yes they could use the 'L' word, is the dog's knackers and anyone using said OS would be having a lot more sex if the did.

In the heart of everybody...

Literally. I want Linux embedded in nano-robots!!

IT Tuition in Schools

In the UK we take it for granted that IT studies will be just teaching our kids to become dependent upon Microsoft products. This MUST stop.

All of us in the Linux/Gnu world already know most people would be able to undertake their normal IT activities without Microsoft and this knowledge is long overdue to the average member of the public. Therefore we must concentrate on the schools, colleges and universities.


Going with JonGibben's underground idea, I say we literally stick them underground in subways. That'll give those Microsoft goonies some claustrophobia ;)

In Refrigerators

I would love Linux Mint To control my fridge! Then all my food will be fresher and mintier, and maybe it will control the temperature too.

Pengiun inside

Linux is already everywhere; it's just not very visible. What I'd like to see is something akin to the 'Intel Inside' logo for Linux devices so it's clear what's powering the device. e.g. a power-on logo for Freeview boxes, plane headrest movie/TV screens, photocopier user input screens etc

Public Funded Institutions +

I agree with Towy71, Spangwiches, Heiowge & Ray Woods. Linux in Publicly funded institutions should be mandatory.

Also, I would like a Linux Lunchbox. I'm fed up with my boring plain plastic one I use for work now, and my Return of the Jedi lunchbox broke at school years ago, although I still have the ruler from an associated ROTJ "maths set". To clarify, I don't need the lunchbox to run Linux, but merely say "Linux" on the lid with a picture of Tux. That, is all I ask.

Where would you like to see Linux adopted next?

My workstation. Please.

Public Sector

Like previous respondents I would like to see National and Local government in the UK use Linux on the desktop. This has been done in other countries and has been found to be more reliable, cheaper and helps productivity compared with Windows. Can you imagine how much tax revenue would be lost if the 4.5 people working at HMRC had to (try to) use Windows 8!

I would also like to see Linux desktops used in schools. Children have IT lessons but tend to be taught only how to use Windows. I would like to see Linux installed to dual boot on the existing hardware, so no extra £ spent on hardware, and have children taught both Windows and Linux so they have more comprehensive knowledge.

However, I think MS Office should never be paid for by any UK public body due to the availability of LibreOffice. I have used LO for many years even on Windows machines and have never missed nor needed MS Office.


It takes time and money to implement linux in the public services, however government should have pushed this prior to the redundancy cuts. £4million per annum is saved by the London Stock Exchange when they switched to Linux from a Windows based system. It is an insult to the tax payers.

On another note, LIMB (linux in my bathroom) would be great. You could have a clinker alert, for those nasty fuzz huggers, and a stenchometer, just to prove to my wife that her crap smells worse than mine.


I'd like to see my dog running Linux; perhaps, then, I would be able to successfully moderate his unhealthy interest in licking his bits and bites.

On a more serious note, I agree with the suggestion that all public sector organizations should run Linux, but would extend that to include big business.

Pengiun Inside

I agree with Tux Tux we need to show the great unwashed just how much of their lives we have already freed, so they ask the question why no Penguin inside logo on my lappy or corporate desktop.

Freedom from the Microsoft tax

What I would really like is for the competition authorities to do their jobs and to insist that I can purchase a computer without having to pay the Microsoft Tax.

@GavinJ - Linux in the car

Linux in the car is already here in some cases. I'm lucky enough to own Parrot's car radio which is Android powered. It has so many USB devices hanging off it (GPS, Storage, 3G) it's almost a full computer in its own right!

Debian ftw btw

On Mars

Schools, government and work.

I agree with the previous posters, it would be fantastic to have kids learning to use linux at schools and prepare them for a future in linux computing at the workplace.

Imagine the money the government could save by switching to linux. No need to pay the license fees for running the operating system nor for running an office suite. Further jobs created for programmers to make specialised software for these institutions.

The NHS would also save a lot more money as a huge portion of the NHS is information technology. Editing patient records, staff records, creation of documents are just a few of the things that happen on a daily basis, and all on Windows operating systems.

There would be a fairly large initial investment, but in the long term there would only be savings, when compared to how much is spent to run Windows.

Finally, with linux in the work place, those kids learning to use linux at school would be adept at using the same systems in the future, at work.

Linux has already been adopted by The White House, Munich and Iceland but to name a few off the top my head. It's about time our government took it bit more seriously too!

Release the piles, Filot

I'd love to see Linux getting a wider usage in government and public sector, but actually I'm more passionate about open standards than open source (in this specific case). The idea of public agencies storing information in Microsoft .doc format (or, worse, .docx) fills me with horror. The same goes for proprietary databases and custom closed-source software being used by the NHS, etc. I still see cash machines that run Windows NT, and train-station timetable screens running IE6 in fullscreen mode. Yuk.

A relative of mine used to work for a major well-known military software contractor, which is why I can tell you that there are top-of-the-range military fighter jets whose navigation system is written in Java 6 on top of Windows 95, which is an immensely reassuring piece of knowledge that is now in your brain and will never leave.


I would like to see Linux on TVs and billboards. Imagine a 30 second Linux Mint commercial at half time in the Champions League Final.

If I won the lottery, I'd definitely look into something like that.

A win is a win

The next place I'd like to see Linux adopted is on the aging iBook that belongs to the kid in the cubicle next to mine at work. He's been asking me how to rehab the thing into something useful and I've just about got him convinced to try Linux. These little wins add up to things like Debian being used on the space station.

Libraries, banks, supermarkets, train stations

I agree with above poster(s) that no tax-funded computers should use any Microsoft product. Over a decade ago I was impressed to find Bristol University had good instructions for connecting Linux boxen to their network - they even allowed X forwarding to their Solaris server - so it would be nice to see some more evidence of Linux in education in these enlightened times.

The other thing I'd really like to see is Linux in libraries. Last time I visited Bath, I spent hours in the otherwise excellent library waiting while their customised Windows system logged in and churned away loading umpteen viruses. Aside from the speed increase with Linux, imagine being able to use a public PC for shopping, or even banking if you're feeling brave!

And while we're at it, let's get rid of the last few embedded Windows boxes. I've seen far too many self-service checkouts, ticket machines and announcement boards sitting around with blue screens - not to mention the rumours about Windows-based cash machines! (cue boggling sound from cranium.) Linux has long since proved itself in the embedded world, so let's ditch the legacy systems and have a BSOD-free world.

On the next laptop I buy.

Every so often, decisions of the unelected European Commission are difficult to understand:

Brussels fines Microsoft almost a billion euro in fines over not letting Windows users chose their default browser.

However, when buying a new laptop, I am left without a choice about the operating system. Even worse, I am forced to pay for an operating system that I do not need nor that I want to have.

In the mean time, the EU spends millions to clean dissenting remarks from the internet.

Grazie per aver reso il

Grazie per aver reso il sincero tentativo di parlare di questo su Mi sento molto forte al riguardo e vorrei saperne di più. Se va bene, come ottenere la saggezza in più ampia, potrebbe mente compresi articoli aggiuntivi simili a questo con informazioni aggiuntive? Sarà straordinariamente utile e disponibile per me ei miei amici. sembra avere una buona quantità di visitatori. Come si fa a ottenere il traffico ad esso? Offre un bel giro unico sulle cose. Credo che avere qualcosa di reale o sostanziale a parlare è la cosa più importante.

In schools!

Schools spend too much on Windows7 and Microsoft Office when they can get Linux with Libre Office for free.

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