Open Ballot: Do you trust the "cloud"?


Cloud storage: everyone's talking about it. Dropbox is all the rage, Apple has got into the game with iCloud, and we Linux users have Ubuntu One. But as we gear up for our next podcast, we want to know: do you feel safe with your data in the cloud? Is it the future of storage and backup, or just a fad that'll disappear after a few major security incidents? Maybe all your data is in the cloud, and you think everyone else is being paranoid.

Whatever the case, we'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Tap your musings into the comment box below, give yourself a way neater name than Anonymous Penguin, and we'll read out the best in our podcast.

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Trust the Cloud? Not now...

Curious tha this question would be the result of my Google search tonight: can I trust the Cloud? We were having difficulty synching calendars between iPad, IPhone & Dell windows based systems - all went haywire when we started using the .Cloud last month...just minutes ago, we removed the iCloud from our Pads, Macbook, & Pcs ( thanks to this question & previous posts) and Presto, the calendar events are starting to populate across all platforms.

We think the Cloud might be the 'Tech Bust' awaiting Gen X & Gen Y to take not only their personal data, but to invade & transfer their financial earnings from one Cloud to the other, in a new form of Ponzi scheme, much like what Madoff & other Bad Guys did to many of us the in Financial meltdown of 2008. Watch out for repeating History & protect yourself against Big Brother, and 'So Easy' or 'too good to be true' concepts, what ever the alluring shadow or shape they may take - there is always a 'Catch''ll see.

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