Open Ballot: are you excited by Panasonic's Jungle?


Coming just a mere week after our last recording (sorry, we're struggling to get back on schedule!), it's time for another open ballot question where you - yes, you! - get your views read out on our podcast. This time our topic is Panasonic's "Jungle", an all-new, Linux-running device designed to be the perfect platform for online gaming. Some have described it as a non-starter, others have said that the choice of Linux could be a problem, but what do you think: is the Jungle a worthy entrant for Linux into the mainstream gaming marketplace, or is it just another attempt to make quick profit using free software?

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If that thing was running

If that thing was running GOD no one would bye it.
What an ugly bit of kit.
Linux isn't going to be A Problem For the "Jungle" the "Jungle" is the problem.


I'm not saying it's ugly but when it was born they slapped it's mother!

Seriously Linux is that least of it's problems, which I think are these:

1) Damn it's fugly
2) It's a portable gaming device which looks set to compete with Nintendo DS, PSP, iPhone, Android and every other mobile platform out there
3) You wouldn't want to take it home to meet your parents
4) Their manifesto seems like its from the 80's
5) You would close you eyes and think of something else everytime you used it
6) Is there really a market for a community centred around on-line gaming using portable gaming devices?
7) If a reliant robin had an illicit liaison with a toaster, this would be their love child

So is it a worthy entrant to the gaming market? No, not happening, never

Is it just an attempt to make a quick buck from free software? Well if it is then someone is going to be extremely disappointed!

"Discontinued only 6 months

"Discontinued only 6 months after release, calling it now." was the best comment I've seen on it

Looks like a...

That thing looks like a Atari Jaguar Controller of the last decade with an LCD screen atached to it. It's nice to see other players in the video game hardware, but sadly I don't think it will make it.

Yes! No!

As long as it doesn't use that godforsaken PulseAudio rubbish, I'm all for it!

It's Xmas soon, son, would you like a DS or a Panasonic Jungle?

This is a device designed by someone who's into computers and has made it how he would want it.

The hand-held gaming market is not occupied by people who are into computers. It consists of kids who want to play the same games all their mates do and not have to think about how it works.

Actually, come to think of it, I'm into computers and I don't want one either.

No. Sadly

I'm excited about the concept, but the follow-through looks disappointing. I might consider it for a mobile Linux device, but I already have a netbook and smartphone. The only MMO I would want to play is WoW and that won't run on the Jungle. I see a niche market buying them initially and then sales falling off a cliff before it gets canned. They should have focused more on the design and games, which are what people will care about most. So far, I am not impressed at all.

The new DS 3D has grabbed my attention and I'll be picking one up as soon as they come out. I've been a proud owner of all their handhelds since the original gameboy. Nintendo knows how to do portable gaming right.

The PSP was actually a good console, much better than the Jungle is shapping up to be, and it is still failing against the all mighty plumber.

Bad product concept, but perhaps nice to tinker with

I can't seem to find any hardware specs on this, even on the Panasonic website, but it looks like a nice little device to tinker with.

However, if you plan to use it for what it is advertised to do, I agree it seems quite useless. There are so many problems with the device concept and design alone that the choice of Linux OS will have nothing to do with the failure/success of this device.

A portable device means that you are probably going to be taking it places with you, so it needs to justify its functionality to weight/size ratio. In this day and age there are only a few major device categories that would make sense: laptop/netbook, tablet/ereader, smartphone/media player.

Given the price tag, I'd rather just get a netbook and install linux on it. If I wanted a media player, I'd just get a much cheaper and smaller media player or get a smartphone that can also be used to place calls.

The Linux OS is actually the only thing that seems appealing about it, because it means that it I could find more uses for this small device than what it is advertised to do . . .


Linux being used to create locked in devices that patronize you is ironic.

Looks at product page...

...says, "Oh dear!"

No. I am sorry but running

No. I am sorry but running Linux doesn't automatically make a platform great. Infact, I would probably say that linux is the worst 'mainstream' platform for gameing (i.e. Not freeBSD, RiscOS, Solaris etc). I do like the pandora, but that's taking the right open approach to useing linux as a gaming platform. Thsi thing looks like it came from the 80s, and it looks TERRIBLE. The game selection is also likely to be dire. This is going to fail whether I want it to or not.

I must confess I am a bit of a nintendo fanboy though so my view is probably fairly biased. You do have to admit that the 3DS (nintendo's next handheld console, NOT another DS) looks a whole lot better, but you never know, maybe the developers will jump on the the jungle's more closed/open approach.

How could anyone possibly consider this even worth prototyping?

While it remains to be seen if this will actually come to fruition I'd hazard a guess that it's way to late to the party.

To me this monstrosity is probably somebody in marketing's half baked idea to cash in on what Asus started. I mean come on what did they think they could build this out of scraps, thrown Linux on it and expect all of us to just be grateful?

Give us a decent system with enough muscle to play WOW. Then it might possibly be worth considering, but oh wait what's this, they already have something that will successfully accomplish this? Oh that's right its my laptop.

Here's an idea, build a rig that I can wear that incorporates motion control so I can actually act out my combat and have it overlay the real world with visuals from the game. Sounds like all the settings for the best selling MMORPG ever. I give it a big thumbs down and think its probably just trying to make a buck off of people they see as desperate to have anything out there with Linux on it.



On further reflection I can

On further reflection I can see that this might have been designed by an idiot and got the go ahead from another idiot


It looks a little bit like the Pandora, but it will probably be more of a success. I can see it being bundled with subscriptions to MMOs, or a service such as OnLive.

you said it

I think you answered your own question by putting this to the Open Ballot in the first place. It cant possibly get past a niche market, if it gets that far.

I can see the use of Linux in this device as yet another dart the big game companies can use in the future to show that Linux is not worth developing for or on. That is the one problem I see with it.

Of course, if it has 4G, wifi, a camera, and several hundred gigs of storage, I would be tempted...

Ryan Seabury said "The Linux

Ryan Seabury said "The Linux user base is too small for the financial risk, Linux users are generally savvy enough to make their OS run whatever games they want anyway, and since the Linux community is very DIY minded, they tend to not want to pay for much,"

Yet when a humble bundle was set to be bought and if/when the goal was reached they would be released as opensource. Linux users stood for paying the most, and pirating the least, even when seen to a per person basis.
On this people complain about how hard it is to port games from win/mac to linux yet which to be honest I think will be its downfall(besides the obvious being as good looking as a brick), not because its actually all that hard but because no one is willing to find someone to actually do it. Sins in their minds "no one" uses linux and thus its not viable to spend money on a few hackers pay cheque to port the code.

But at its target is browser games rather then WoW I dont see why it wouldnt hit in asia, well besides 3DS being around the corner, the excising DS/i and PSP. Not to mention net books. I frankly see little point in it as a concept.

Video Players

Why does linux not have a decent video stream player. Whenever a video stream is paused in mplayer, vlc, xine, totem, ... it cannot be resumed! Why does windows have it so easy.

My two cents

As a gamer and game developer in one word, NO.

looks pretty good to me

i generaly like things that look fugly and brickish in asthetics, and ive looked at various opensource handhelds and i really like the look of this one, granted i have really weird taste in how i like my electronics looking, but if this thing can be hacked to work and function just like the pandora, as far as porting linux apps [giggles at the thought of a fullspeed, portable, no issues, snes emulator] then i am gonna buy this thing when it comes out, but yeah i dont see it doing too well at all in the gameing market with their whole aproach on this, so i'll probably wait for the niche crowd to purchase all theirs then when they start being sold on markdown i'll pick one up and hopefully by then someone will have made some decent adjustments to make t more like the pandora. also, the big reason for me wanting to buy this is the durability factor because i dont trust myself to keep it safe from catastophies :D

i can barly fit the psp in

i can barly fit the psp in my pocket but the gamings sick and its still portable. i dont care about apperance to much but gameplay. im wondering if you need internet for online gamming how do you do it on the jungle if you cant without internet its not so portable. i like the key borad though thats a nice touch and the touch pad is a nice change of pace

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