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Here's some recent updates for those of you too busy to hit F5 on Freshmeat every 10 seconds. Ardour 2.8 is now available featuring track and bus templates, distributable VST support and AudioUnit state saving -- stuff which has to be cool if you're into digital audio. Gnumeric 1.9.5 brings everyone's favourite non-OOo spreadsheet closer to 2.0 with bugfixes en masse, while HardInfo 0.5 displays a shedload more details about your system, and remains the essential fact-gathering tool when you need to get Linux help. Some more updates after the break.

  • Firefox 3.0.8 plugs a couple of security holes
  • Gnu Accounting 0.7.0 includes better document management
  • Urpkg 1.9 is yet another package management tool (doh) but makes it easier to deal with source-based installations (woo-hoo)
  • RAD menu 1.0 adds rather funky radial menus to your desktop
  • Skrooge 0.2.6, a personal finance manager, adds a bundle of new tidbits to help you fight the credit crunch

Oh, and one of our favourites is undergoing a rewrite. Bastet is Tetris with a twist: it always gives you the worst blocks possible. If you've played the classic Tetris to death, or you're just an all-out masochist, give it a try.

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