Mozilla outlines plan for Firefox 3.6


OK, so Firefox 3.5 isn't out yet, but the industrious hackers in the Mozilla project are already plotting and scheming for the release after that, 3.6. Codenamed "Namoroka", 3.6 will focus on a number of areas including performance. "Common user tasks should feel faster and more responsive" says the roadmap -- pretty vague at present, but no doubt we'll see more details of the actual implementation soon.

Other goals for 3.6:

  • Customisation - Simpler extension retrieval and installation
  • Task-based navigation - Organise tabs, download, history etc. by the current job the user is working on
  • Web app support - Blurring the lines between web pages and desktop apps
  • System integration - Make better use of OS resources such as dictionaries

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