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Each month in Linux Format magazine, we print the coolest tutorials we can find, for the best operating system out there. But those tutorials are too good to leave to a single issue — which is why we've ploughed through our archives to bring you a selection of our favourites, from building a video arcade machine to recovering deleted files. But most importantly, we've chosen projects that are fun and informative, whatever your level. Just dive in!

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Master Linux? Chiz!

Sorry, for some reason I can't read that title with a straight face. It just makes me think you should have put a picture of Tux (or indeed Torvalds) in a Molesworth/Angus Young type school uniform on the cover.

It's all in a name...

When I was at school, we had a Science teacher called Mr Bates.

He had a Masters degree, but strangely didn't seem inclined to take the title...

Kindle edition soon?

Kindle edition soon?

Will this be available in

Will this be available in stores that normally carry LinuxFormat?

Available everywhere

The special should be available in most shops that usually stock Linux Format.

Cannot Find this issue anywhere!

I am a subscriber, and I've been trying to locate this special edition at all the local spots that carry LFMag to no avail. What gives? Did this make it to the U.S.? Also, why don't we subscribers get a copy for supporting the mag? ;)

Finally Found it in the US

I guess there was just a few weeks lag time in getting to this side of the pond. Found it and looking forward to reading the issue. Best mag out there for Linux.

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