Mandriva is alive!


Finally, after weeks of uncertainty, we've just received a press release from Mandriva, and we're pasting it verbatim so you can read the news for yourselves. Let us know what you think this all means.

Mandriva restructures to establish European leadership

Paris, 7th July 2010 - Mandriva is one of the cornerstones of Open Source, a technological pioneer offering the sole independent Linux distribution on the European market. Nevertheless the company has been faced with a mounting financial challenge for several years due in part to its size and lack of a clear publishing strategy.

Mandriva also plays a strategic role in the Paris Saclay innovative ecosystem centred on the Pole System@tic Paris Region and Cap Digital. The company is involved in a dozen R&D projects in partnership with some 60 research and industrial laboratories working on themes such as the semantic desktop, Linux Real Time distribution, shared infrastructures or cloud computing.

This explains why a group of entrepreneurs, associated with the founding investors, has drawn up an ambitious industrial plan with the aim of saving from bankrupty and relaunching the company. Mandriva finds itself at the heart of a European assembly of Open Source software players which will occur in the coming monthes. IF Research parent company of the european software editor Wallix will lead this operation. Mandriva is thus at the heart of a business combination that will take place in Europe next month among several players involved in free software. In France, IF Research, parent company of the software editor Wallix will accompany Mandriva to conduct these operations.

At the heart of this strategy, Mandriva Linux will be distributed exclusively by a sales and integrated IT network, as well through OEM partnerships (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in the EMEA (European and Middle East) and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) zones. A professional offer aimed at the major business markets (Education, Industry, Services, Retail) will meet the demands of clients seeking alternative and economic options in the field of heterogenous IT systems management. This offer will be unveiled in the second half of 2010.

In the meantime, and in the short term, Mandriva has begun a drastic program of structural cost-cutting as well as raising funds to redress the financial balance and assure the long-term future of the company. Negotiations are undrerway with new investors who will be presented at the company's next general board meeting.

Mandriva has already welcomed two new board members - Jean-Noël de Galzain, President of IF Research and Wallix, Vice-President PME of Pôle System@tic Paris Région, and Bertrand Glineur, formerly DSI of Crédit Foncier de France, and member of the GCE business board. Their goal is to help the management team set up by Mandriva CEO Arnaud Laprévote to complete the restructuring and implement the new strategy which will be revealed in detail at Mandriva's next Board Meeting.

« By bringing together IF Research and Mandriva, two highly complementary units, Mandriva will be able to strengthen its strategic position, » explained Mandriva CEO Arnaud Laprévote.

« Mandriva owns in its DNA all the requisites of an Open Source world leader. A community of 3.5 million users, a leading position in the BRIC zone, and prestigious clients in both the public sector and major business, » stressed Jean-Noël de Galzain, President of IF Research. « The company will focus first on its profitability and the promotion of a new commercial dynamic based on a range of innovative products offered through a channel of Value Added Resellers. »

Mandriva will shortly launch its latest distribution: Mandriva Linux Spring 2010, which can be downloaded from the Mandriva site .

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Dominating Europe

So soon will we see more of Mandriva in the European market?

Corporate Funding

Just what we need, corporate funding muddling in Open Source Software, I needn't remind anyone what happened last time that happened *cough Ubuntu cough*,

Then again if the entrepreneurs keep their noses out of the software itself and just pay the bills then it might make Mandriva even better.

"Mandriva Linux will be

"Mandriva Linux will be distributed exclusively by a sales and integrated IT network, as well through OEM partnerships"

Exclusively by sales? Does this mean they expect people to suddenly start paying for it?

I suspect they've just worded that badly, but if not I expect the main result of this would be most of its users just switching to a different distro...

R&D Swag Bag...

Looks like they took their eye off the ball while seucring a lucrative R&D grant from the French govenment, which has just dried up. So now they have to sack all their staff (ahem, I mean 'drastic program of structural cost-cutting ') in order to keep their heads above water.




@Alias: You speak as if Ubuntu was or is a bad thing.


Mandriva? I forgot they were around before their company fell into the dumps. I never liked their distro.

This press release has so much vague marketing droid speak it's hard to know what it means for end users. Rest assured I have no faith that the company will continue to exist and I'm unconvinced that there's a reason for me to pay attention to their press releases.

It just won't die

Like a scorching case of Herpes. It just won't die.

Mandriva is Alive... honestly who cares?

It would be better if Mandriva went so it would be one less distro to split Linux users apart.

I still think that Mandriva will fail to survive. They are just delaying the inevitable.


Yes, Ubuntu, what a horror. It's opened plenty of new eyes to Linux, rocketed up to the top of the distribution list, gained Linux good publicity etc etc.

You must be referring to the masses and masses of brown desktops over the world now.

I can't believe the Mandiva

I can't believe the Mandiva haters that posted comments, I suppose almost nobody of them tried Mandriva (or tried the GNOME version, instead the KDE based one).

I'm really happy to see the distro living on, since there are less and less truly great KDE based distros (note: Kubuntu is not a great KDE distro -- well it is if you have a week to spend customizing it, Mandriva and openSUSE might count in).

Mandriva Mandriva Mandriva

Mandriva Corporate could not manage themselves out of a paper bag much less run a distribution. Mandriva developers are arrogant. Mandriva users are cheapskate complainers. The only good thing about Mandriva staying alive is the rest of us won't have to deal with their user base.

Let's get on with the Ubuntu monopoly so they can dictate to us how we use our Linux computers. You know like Microsoft.

Ubuntistas as bad Mac fanbois

Its nice to see the Ubuntu fanbois ape all the bad qualities from other fanbois.

ITS ALL THE SAME you morons.

Take the top distros of a certain desktop and the differences are minimal and cosmetic usually: OOOHhh, look.... a new theme-logo-icon!!!.

Mandrivas big problem is that is has zero visibility in the english speaking (american) world. I know quite a bit of german, swiss and Brazilian devs who do work.

Is it good? Still the best KDE distro around along with its offspring PCLinuxOS (im typing this from Kubuntu) but thats a geeks opinion. Ask the average user what the difference is and they couildnt tell you.

Mandriva's survival is much more important than idiot fanbois can even imagine, stuck as they are in their 'My OS is better than yours" mentality.

Its funny, I never come across these posting morons at conferences or seminars. Probably because their mommies dont let them travel outside the neighborhood.

I would like to know more about the finances and the last thing we heard about a buyer.
This one seems to be taking for granted taht we know what has happneed.

Survival of Mandriva is good

Ubuntu was propelled to masses - in US and UK! BRIC countries know about mandriva more than about ubuntu. The latter is not a bad distro - it is good (for some). I used it before. Didn't like some decisions and politics, so switched to a different distro. Now Mandriva is also not bad distro. It is good for some and have quite lots of things going on for it.
As for arrogant mandriva developers - Debian and Ubuntu aren't much different in this respect. In fact they can even start using bad language (just read Debian's Joss's comments)

Mandriva for quality

Ubuntu is a vanity project for Mark Shuttleworth and that is all. Ubuntu is a very poor quality distro which actually will cause harm long term. It is a wannabe trying to catch up with Mandriva in features. Unfortunately Suttleworth's distro does not seem to care much about quality and has admitted to that on occasion.

Personally I think Ubuntu will cause Linux harm long term because of its poor quality. I have not been particularly impressed with Debian either. Too many things broken because of Debian developers vanity having to be satisfied by taking programs that have worked for years and doing dumb stuff like changing names of config files etc so they no longer work.

I am glad Mandriva is around. Having used many distros I find it very stable, high quality and usable by beginners through power users and developers.

Yes mandriva is good and should be helped to survive

I have been a long time user of Mandriva - long before Ubuntu was dreamed of. I have tried most of the modern Linuxes and have always drifted back to this product.

It is important for the Linux community that Mandriva survives as it is one of the few products now that is KDE based and one of the few that "just works" out of the box - especially for those new to Linux. Having said that, it is not just a newby product, it has a huge range of pre-packaged software and utility choices which rivals Debian when you include all the available mirrors and the PLF's in URPMI (their packager).

People rave about Ubuntu but I have found it always to be seriously average and the latest version, with all of broken bits on release, could be actually classed as crap.

I hope that Mandriva lives on, although the chances are that it won't, because it is a seriously good product that needs more attention than it has received in LXF in recent years. LXF is doing more to promote Ubuntu than the product deserves. The last couple of versions of Mandriva have been so good out of the box that I have remarked to friends that Mandriva Linux has suddenly become boring from the point of view that I don't have to fix some driver or other anymore. I am a Mandriva Club member and pay for my issue of the PowerPack and am happy to do so. I also use Mandriva One (which is free) on my eeePC which in many ways is better on the netbook than the specially designed Ubuntu NBR. Battery control on Mandriva One on the netbook is by far superior to that with NBR.

If a major product such as Mandriva dies, we are going to have very soon, a "Microsoft like" Linux called Ubuntu which will be the only choice and which might take us places we don't want to be. Shuttleworth has already declared that his product is "not a democracy" and that is not in the spirit of true open source.

We have already seen the uncertainty brought about by changes of ownership of MySQL, Virtual Box, OpenOffice and OpenSolaris. Lets not have any more just yet.

And to the Tux Radar guys who are British by birth or by choice or accent and where English was invented, Gnome has a silent "G" and the product is pronounced "nome" not "Ganome" as you keep saying. Do you realise how bad "Ganome" sounds on air. Please! I enjoy your podcasts but cringe every time I hear "Ganome".

Why not MAC?

Why not just use MAC? It just works.

I have toyed with DOS, Windows and Linux over the course of my life. Two years ago I thought I'd give Apple a try (just to be fair). Two years later it is still my favourite.

However, there is no funny Apple pod cast (that I'm aware of) and this Linux pod cast is hilarious! I look forward to it every fortnight.



That press release was nice looking and no doubt appealing to many, but the interesting part of the content was embedded in a lot of fancy-looking padding that doesn't actually tell us much. Fortunately, the bloat does't get in the way too much for us to understand the main points.

In other words, the press release is a lot like the distribution.

As a long-time cheapskate complainer (thanks, Misty - by the way are you related to Prarie Dawn? ;-) ), I'm glad to see they've found a possible route out of the mire. There are plenty of other good distros, but over the years I've found Mandy's always good-looking and up-to-date, and the bloat is easily shed. I've yet to find a desktop I like more than Fluxbox on Mandriva. In the last couple of years even their installers have worked reliably, which used to be the one thing that stopped me recommending it for newbies.

Not fair to community

Mandriva is a great, general use distro.
I'm currently Debian user, but have Mandriva on all my kids' PCs.
If they only would be more fair to the community, and not fire their best developers (including distro founder) and say something!
2010 Spring is already over month delayed and their official blog is quiet since missed released date (June 3)!
It looks like top management lives in their own world and do not care of end users at all.
I know that every Debian release is much more delayed, but they at least send statuses on regular basis and everybody knows what stops them what they fight with etc.


I can't really comment on how good or bad Mandriva is when compared to other distros. I have never used Mandriva (but do remember when it was called Mandrake) But it is always good news when a distro that has been around as long as Mandriva has; is once again putting out releases.

I wish them luck and continued success and hope to keep hearing more news about future releases.


A lot of IGNORANCE being posted on this subject!

Mandriva Is Tops!

I'm running the 2010 Spring PowerPack Edition of Mandriva right now and love it!

Not fanboy talk... its reality!

"Mandriva's survival is much more important than idiot fanbois can even imagine, stuck as they are in their 'My OS is better than yours" mentality."

What you are saying sounds exactly like fanboy talk. Mandrivas survival is not important. They had a good number of users years ago. However their time has come and passed.

Mandriva is just one more distro splitting up the Linux community into smaller groups. Ubuntu IS in fact better than alot of other distros because it is one of the few distros that actually innovates.

I have tried and used Mandriva before and while there is nothing wrong with it, it fails to impress. Each release of Mandriva just seems to have a fresh layer of paint on it. Nothing seems to change but its appearance!


Linux whatever flavour, is just Linux, use whatever you want as your desktop, surely open source is about freedom to choose.
I think we should stop all the distro this, distro that, and congratulate all the hard work that goes into every distro.
Just shout Hurrah for Linux.

Am I on Youtube?

The quality of the comments on this article made me think I was on youtube for a moment.

I used to use Mandriva but switched away to Ubuntu with the 9.04 release. It wasn't because there was anything wrong with Mandriva,and I was actually using buying the powerpack editions, but Ubuntu just seemed better put together.

It was all the small things that set it apart, and still set it apart for me. I popped in Debian 5.04 the other day and was in horror at what I saw. I had forgotten how many small touches Ubuntu has made to help improve the user experience.

I would like to see Mandriva continue to grow and innovate, and I plan on trying the new release, however, I probably won't be buying it or switching back.

Long Live Mandriva

I've gotten back into Linux over the past year or so and have tried all the major distros. I keep coming back to Mandriva. Though I like Ubuntu and Mint, for example, I personally enjoy Mandriva the best. In my experience, I've found Ubuntu to be more buggy than Mandriva. When you install KDE on Ubuntu using GDM, for example, you can't shutdown from KDE only log out. You can use KDM, but things don't seem to be very stable. With Mandriva, you can install various desktops with Free and Powerpack right during the installation process and don't have to deal with the instability issues. Also, I like to use LVM and this is not available (so far as I know) with the Ubuntu/Mint installer unless you drop out to a command line. Plus, Mandriva organizes the Gnome and KDE apps in their menus much better than the other distros IMO. This may be inconsequential for single-user machines, but in a library, lab or public setting where many people may be using a machine, it's nice to be able to install multiple desktops and have nicely organized menus right out of the box to suit people's needs. Plus, Mandriva has always provided great tools in its Control Center.

The distro has a lot going for it, but needs better marketing (at least in the US). The company's financial difficulties haven't helped either. Losing Mandriva would be tragic for the Linux community IMO. I hope the company can turn things around and find a better business model.

all the best to Mandriva

I am not a Mandriva user myself - but I know it is a well respected distro which makes a valuable contribution to Linux's healthy diversity.

Echoing the previous post - I don't understand why more distros have not 'borrowed' or emulated the magnificent suite of system configuration tools in Mandriva's Control Center. My main distro in recent years, PClinuxOS, is the only one I know of that has.

A Slow Decline?

a few years ago the "suits" sacked founder Gael Duval, it's been a slow downhill road since then.
they are claiming to be cost cutting and to that end they appoint 2 more expensive directors! are they there to cut costs or asset strip?


The survival of Mandriva is a matter of severe indifference to me. Indeed, the company seems to go from decent release to financial crisis to decent release and so on.

The distro needs to find a market, as it has to compete with Red Hat/Novell for business users and Ubuntu/Mint for home users leaving no room for Mandriva. To be honest, the restructuring will have to work miracles or Mandriva will be bankrupt again in a year's time.

Hopefully Mandriva will continue

Using Mandriva (earlier Mandrake) since about 2001, I still find it the best distro around. The only one that comes close for me is SUSE. Only Mandriva and SUSE have a lot of GUI tools for configuring everything that I need to set up (SAMBA, Print server, etc.). Ubuntu is OK as a distro, but it is still lagging behind so much in respect of control center tools. I don't understand why they don't reuse Yast or MCC stuff. Why keep making it hard on your users to configure your PC and servers? Yes you can do everything in config files and you learn from that, but honestly I don't have the time to do that.
Also I prefer KDE over Gnome and Kubuntu just doesn't cut it. It is way too basic and lacking attention.

Also for those who are implying that Ubuntu is the only distro that innovates: check your facts first. Mandriva has always employed developers to work on core functionalities not directly related to the Mandriva distro. Out of the top of my head I remember that they sponsored a lot of development of k3b, nepomuk, CUPS, etc.

So it would be a pity if Mandriva would disappear. Not only because their desktop distro is for me the best (easy to configure and use, but if you want to, you can do anything with it that Linux is capable of).

So for all those people with such hateful comments: go find something better to do then to trash a fine distro. Do a positive thing (like work on you favorite distro) instead of using your energy in a negative way. Djeez, it that so difficult?


"And to the Tux Radar guys who are British by birth or by choice or accent and where English was invented, Gnome has a silent "G" and the product is pronounced "nome" not "Ganome" as you keep saying. Do you realise how bad "Ganome" sounds on air. Please! I enjoy your podcasts but cringe every time I hear "Ganome"."

Gnome, the DE, you're supposed to say the G
Gnome, the figurine you put in your garden, you're not supposed to say the G.

Two different words. Same spelling. Differently pronounced.

Back on topic, great to see Mandriva survive. Mandrake was my first distro and it's nice to see it live on. I haven't used it in quite a while to be honest but I have been considering purchasing one of their box sets sort of as a thank you.

Actually Mandriva didn't innovate!

"Mandriva has always employed developers to work on core functionalities not directly related to the Mandriva distro. Out of the top of my head I remember that they sponsored a lot of development of k3b, nepomuk, CUPS, etc."

Thats exactly my point! Mandriva did some development on projects NOT related to their distro, which means it didn't innovate!

Other distros contributed largely to projects not related to their distro BUT also created new and exciting features for their distro.

Mandriva used to do this but has since become stagnant and each release has a small few changes but thats about it!

I am not "trashing/bashing" Mandriva but Im saying it doesn't matter if they exist unless they get back their focus and make a distro people with want to use. (and start to make money to survive)

I hope Mandriva Fails - Lulling investors and not paying

Mandriva (Formelly Mandrake Soft) is a company composed of a lot of thief and deceivers among other things is that Mandriva lulled investors with their WARRANT investment request into thinking that they would have a secure and safe investment by sending them false statements indicating a reward at the end of the tunnel.

Sole European Indepenent distribution NO, Try SLAX!

I abandoned Mandriva years ago for SLAX (very Cz very EU!) Independent and SUSE, which while at least does not try to confuse its sold and support side with its OPEN side.
Both are useful and succesful.

I abandoned Ubuntu for

I abandoned Ubuntu for Mandriva Spring 2010.1 and have not regretted it. It has given me far less problems than Ubuntu in regards to hardware support and I can honestly say that all my hardware functions as it should. Well, apart from my all-in-one printer - but THAT has never functioned under any flavour of Linux!

At least Debian recognizes my nvidia video card

I recently abandoned Ubuntu 9.04 because of chronic pulse audio issues. But at least Ubuntu(thanks to hplip) supported my scanner.

Tried to upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10 and then 10.04 and guess what? Serious compatibility issues with intel, nvidia and ati video cards. Like, they don't work at all even with the open source driver. Just a blank screen Plus 10.04 doesn't recognize my usa-qwerty keyboard. WTF?

So I'm back to Debian. Except for my scanner (due to a Debian 5.05 incompatibility with hplip 3.10.6). I will miss that scanner, however - pulse works. video works and it was a fairly simply matter to add the restricted driver. I can actually use sound recorder and skype now. Still fussing with muti-media codecs (one of the few things Ubuntu has always done well) and web plug ins (another one of the things that Ubuntu does well).

But by and large if you want something that is super de duper stable and "just works" albeit with some tinkering go with the flagship. That's Debian.

My only experience with Mandriva? A friend installed 2008 and it didn't recognize his network card by a major manufacturer. Pathetic. So I burned 2010 Spring live for him on both cd and dvd. Neither one of thos iso's will boot. Very Ubuntu-like. I wasn't impressed.

I'm eager to try Mandriva myself one day, but if I can't get to the command line or a gui that would tend to be a dealbreaker. Bottom line is distros need to abandon gui installers in favor of text based installers that run with fail safe settings on all hardware. You can always add your KDE or Gnome environment and fancy drivers later. No need for giant logos or other garbage like promotional materials for the OS-that's a Microsoft thing.

The bottom line is that the

The bottom line is that the corporate world has woken up to Linux otherwise they would not bother investing.
An entrepreneur like Shuttleworth has done more good for Linux than we might think. If Mandriva may find a niche in doing their business in this way good luck to them.
The latest release is (I reckon) very good and solid and a viable OS for at home or in the office. The world is a nasty place and not perfect and so unfortunately is the IT world.
There is Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and god knows what else out there and Linux as such needs to fit in in order to be fully usable. Shuttleworth with Ubuntu understands that and so too Novell. Although not my distro of first choice I hope Mandriva will make the right move and will continue in what ever shape they wish to.

Linux is good

I think Ubuntu has made better strides than any other distro. Fedora is good but they have gone back to the old network manager and now will not recognize my wifi card. I have have had Mandriva and love it. By far rpm are more stable and accurate than the outdated apt-get installers. I think it is time for the corporate world to take notice to the new age os. Microsoft sucks no matter what. I just tried Windows 7 and after a week it crashed. It is a Vista remake. Linux just needs to work on little things. I am going back to it. I was forced to use MS because of a hardware problem. But I will say I will be back to Linux and to Mandriva!


I help to run the biggest freeware resource site on the net.
We too get hundreds of "my bag's bigger than your bag" comments all the time and mostly now we just delete them.
Folks should just learn to appreciate what there is around to choose from (especially for free) and not delight in their (possible) demise. No one is talking about the fall of the Roman or British empires here.

IMO with the possible exceptions of Pardus and PCLOS, no one does KDE as well as Mandriva and so to see it go would be a loss, maybe not to everyone but certainly to the Linux community as a whole.

Ubuntu spawns are now like mushrooms and good luck to those who enjoy using them, or can't even make up their mind which they like best.

Distros like Bodhi also something different and choice is what Linux is meant to be all about.

I wish Mandriva well and the Mageia fork. More is not always better, but less is always a loss.

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