LXF 150 On Sale Today!


Well, after reading everyone else's favourite LXF moments from the last 150 issues, today's the day that issue 150 goes on sale! To celebrate, you get to enjoy these reflections from the newest member of our team, Jonathan Roberts:

I'm still relatively new to the LXF staff, but that doesn't mean I'm new to LXF. Before joining the team here, I was a reader for many years and enjoyed going in to Smiths once a month to buy the new issue - I'd then get it home and read it almost cover to cover.

Some of my favourite parts of the magazine used to be on the backpage - Cynux and the Geek Desktop (which I'm pleased to say has made its return!). I hated and loved Cynux in equal measures - hated because it was so down on my favourite OS, and loved it because it often said things that were obvious, that needed saying, but that no one else ever did.

What can I say about the rest of the magazine? I loved it. Loved reading the news, loved reading the tutorials and only half understanding them, loved reading the features and finding out about the cool new tech that was coming up, and about the ways open source was being used in the real world and changing things for the better.

It was (and still is) a positive, practical magazine that encouraged you to get involved, and I think that's what I liked most about it. It's what led to me getting involved in the free software community, with the Fedora Project and in other places, and that's what led to me getting my first job ... here at LXF, which seems like a rather excellent circle of causality!

Anyway, I thought I'd share one of my favourite articles to go along with this post. My favourites have always been those that show how Linux makes a difference in the real world. The one I remember in particular was about Linux in music studios, but I can't remember which issue it was in, so instead I'll share this one about the Libre Graphics Meeting. To this day I think it sounds like an amazing conference, and I love the fact people are using free software to create such wonderful things.

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Open source rocks

I love the openness of Linux. I love the free. And not just free as in open. Free as in money rules too.

Just today I got a phone call from an old friend who had a client who had to submit a job application as a word document. Since she didn't have word, or knew anyone with a copy, I just pointed her at Libre Office. I explained about it being free and that she needed to change the default format to .doc since the default format was more open, but not what the employer needed.

I got to introduce her to open source without being preachy. I could have pointed her at one of the countless illegal copies of word, but it just didn't cross my mind. I've been converted completely!


Why did you use LXDE on issue 147's cover disk?

I went through installation expecting a nice vanilla Gnome install, but no!

ARGH! :)

Keep up the great work guys :)


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