Lobbyists Call For UK Software Patents


After reporting positively on the UK government's review of intellectual property laws and its recommendation not to extend patent protection to most software, it seemed only fair that we also point to this article from ZDNetUK.

In it, they report on an event held to discuss the review and highlight the position taken by the SME Innovation Alliance. It's fair to say that the Alliance didn't receive the report positively, instead arguing that "we don't have a software industry because the UK Intellectual Property Office is out of line with the rest of Europe" [where software patents are far easier to obtain].

Read the full article if you're interested in seeing what the other side's arguments are.

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Write to your MP!

I have! Expressing my concern at the damage software patents have proved to cause to free software projects. We have the example the US have provided with their 'system' to prove that!

And this would help SME's how?

I get that they are trying innovate and protect their innovations; but in an industry where a months planning and testing a product can be replicated by a drunk student over a weekend
and probably has already been
and may well be open-source
and is unlikely to be anything more than a logic step.

changing the patent system to allow Patent applications that do not overcome a technical challenge to be protected equally with those that do is mad.

In such rough economic times business's may be looking to derive value from every aspect of their ideas or inventions but this would be a serious own goal in the near future.
And to be brutally harsh the economy needs 20 companies starting with a similar business model and 3 surviving more than one company with a S"£t software patent and a lawyer.

USA chaos is not enough ???

I would simply ask "have these people not noticed the damage that software patents have done in the USA" and not only to open source company's but also to large commercial concerns.
It's to easy for people who are only interested in easy money.To register vague concept's capable of any number of interpretations; then try to force out of court settlements from successful software company's or those who use their products in hardware etc.
In fact if they make it possible in the UK it might be hard to resist thinking up a few registrable idea's one's self, a few £million would come in very handy with the squeeze on all our incomes of late.

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