LinuxCon 2009: see you there!


LinuxCon 2009: see you there!

There aren't many Linux conferences worth going to, but the Linux Foundation is seeking to change that with the first annual LinuxCon due to take place in Portland, Oregon later this month. We'll be there, natch, and we think you should attend too. If you're not already going, read on to find out why we think it's going to be a great event...

The TuxRadar list of reasons why you should convince your boss/significant other to let you attend LinuxCon:

  • There's a great speaker list, including Mark Shuttleworth, Joe Brockmeier, Greg Kroah-Hartman and Bob Sutor. Oh, and some guy called Linus. who may or may not be fake.
  • There are stacks of tutorials, BOFs, lightning talks and more for you to attend and get a hefty dose of Free Software goodness all at once.
  • If LinuxCon isn't enough for you, you can also choose to attend the Linux Plumbers Conference, Novell's SUSE Workshop, FOSS DevCamp or others.
  • If it all gets too much for you, there are heaps of fun ways for you to relax - there's a "Bowling for Penguins" fundraising event, a 24/7 hacker lounge with drinks provided, and more.
  • It's in Portland, which is probably the coolest city for geeks in the US. If you've been to Portland before, we just have to say "Powells" and you'll know what we mean. If you haven't been before, what's taking you so long?
  • You can get a 30% discount on registration by using code LFMA09.

We'll be there reporting live on news as it happens (and probably also helping drain the drinks at the hacker lounge), and hope to see you there too. Don't be afraid to say hello!

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I wish

But unfortunately I can't make it. Even if I wanted to go I don't get along with my future in-laws which live in the area and shop at powells from time to time, I'd hate to run in to them! They hate me.

Although I have gotten Linux onto my finacee's netbook, so I'm still making progress here in NYC. Have fun everybody that goes, and bring me back a coffee mug.

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