Linux means liberty


We'll just leave this here.

Linux means liberty. Freedom!

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Wrong choice of representative

Shouldn't it be rms and GNU instead if it's talking about championing freedom? just saying.


without bloodshed?

That was not bad..

A full 17 mins passed before the GNU bitching starts. Impressive.

Misplaced nostaligia?

Wasn't this the cover art for Linux Answers (the pilot episode of Linux Format?)

Love, Light and Peace, Crispibits


We wanted to see who spotted that first. Answer: you - good work! :)

It was languishing on our archive DVDs, so we figured it was time to set it free to the world.

Ace, do I win a prize...

...such as:
1. A small lump of cheese found under Mike's desk
2. Hudzilla's biro
3. A used Future Publishing mousemat
4. The warm glow of knowing I'm a sad git who remembers magazine covers

Love, Light and Peace, Crispibits


You'll be lucky to win No. 4. I think you're just born with it ;)

I know that is Linus Torvalds, but...

I can't be sure about the identity of the other two there. Is that RMS on the left and Miguel de Icaza on the right?


Is that a joke?

That is Lincoln on the left and probably Paul Revere on the right, but I can't be sure about that.

Please, sir...

can I have some... Linux?

Save early, save often

Looks more like Leisure Suite Larry than Linus waving the Penguin Flag

For some awkward reason I

For some awkward reason I thought the guy waving the flag was Bill Gates...

I guess I was wrong

The guy in the original doesn't look like Lincoln, but the guy in the Linus version really does. The beard and hat really make it look like Lincoln; the kid looks almost the same though.

I knew it wasn't RMS though, so I guess I get partial credit. lol

Whoa, nice pic, i should

Whoa, nice pic, i should save this

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