Linux Format now available on Ubuntu’s Software Centre


A quick update: we’ve uploaded digital versions of the latest issue and our previous issue to Ubuntu’s Software Centre, and we’ll try to do the same for future issues as well.

Issue 157 is here:

And issue 156 is here:

We can’t make any sense of Ubuntu’s search field, so those links are probably the easiest ways of grabbing a copy if you want to.

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A couple of questions


My subscription finishes this month (if I remember correctly). I was thinking to get an electronic subscription because it's cheaper and usually I get the magazines pretty late (international). I was thinking to buy the new issue in Zinio but using Ubuntu Software Center would be better.

A couple of questions, what do we get? The pdf available to subscribers? And, are going to be available subscriptions?



What format is Linux Format?

Are these pdf files?

I'm currently using Zinio, but it's pretty bloated and it doesn't work on one of my machines. I'd gladly buy from the software center if it were an easier to use format.

Could Not Find Package "lxf157"

I get the following message when I click on the "Available on the Software Centre" button. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick). I tried Software Centre directly, but can't find LXF or Linux Format as you mentioned.

Quick FAQ

They're just DRM-free PDFs - the same as you get as a magazine subscriber from our archives.

Currently, Ubuntu's Software Centre doesn't support subscriptions, so we can only upload and offer single issues.

The package is only available for:
Ubuntu 12.04 (precise)
Ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric)

The package is generated by Canonical, so we don't have any control over how the dependencies and versions are applied.

Hope that helps. Any more questions, let us know, and we'll try our best to answer them.

Good idea

This seems a good idea on two counts. If Linux Format and the other linux magazine offerings in the software centre generate enough revenue, it might push Ubuntu into developing a iBooks-like subscription service (either integrated into the center, or, more ideally, as a separate Ubuntu-branded application that isn't a search nightmare like the centre is these days). Second, it gives those of us who have good enough bandwidth at home for downloading distros a chance to buy the magazine for all the sexy pictures... errr... the articles, yeah, the articles... without paying the extra cost of the cover disc. Yay.

I would like to check out an

I would like to check out an issue of Linux Format but am having a problem with the download.

The links on the page above take me to a 2 pages on the that mention the LXF downloads. However, each ubuntu page has only one download link (which takes me to a page to download an Ubuntu distro) and textbox to enter an email address in ordr to have the LXF download link emailed.

I tried the 'email me the link' route, but it sent a link back to the ubuntu page (creating a circular reference).

Am I the only one experiencing this?

re: I would like to check out an issue of ...

OK, figured out the problem. The links above to issues 156 & 157 work fine from within Unbuntu Software Center, but not from within my web browser.



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