Linux Format issue 150 is approaching!


Here at Linux Format Towers, we're about to reach a milestone in the history of the magazine: 150 issues. A lot has happened in the last 11 years, and before LXF150 goes on sale this Thursday, 15 September, we're asking the team to recall their favourite moments from the magazine's life. Kicking it off is Mike Saunders who clearly wants darn kids to get off his lawn. Take it away...

When I were a lad, this were all fields. And indeed, I was there right at the beginning of Linux Format - and even slightly earlier. I remember Future Publishing announcing a pilot issue of a Linux magazine called Linux Answers, back in 1999. The temporary editor, Nick Merritt, posted a message on Future's NNTP server looking for contributors. Having spent the previous 12 months pulling apart my Linux distribution to make it run at light speed, I offered to write an article on performance tuning, and by golly - it was accepted.

Linux Answers was well received, and Future decided to make a proper Linux mag. Finding an editor would've been difficult, but fortunately an expert in lesser-known OSes was around: that old Amiga Format stalwart, Nick Veitch. With nothing more than a couple of desks and a random art monkey, Nick designed a magazine that retains its core values to this day. Advocating Linux, encouraging participation, and always showing what's cool in the world of free software.

We're not perfect by any means, but I like to think we've helped to introduce many people to Linux and its brilliant, vibrant community. Having been around since issue 1, I've seen so many unexpected changes in our operating system. For instance, although it never made the massive desktop impact we'd all hoped for, it has seen other successes. It has gone from strength to strength on the server, and with every man Jack and his dog owning a smartphone now - and most of them running Android - Linux is on its way to being the most-used OS of all time.

And that makes me smile. Thanks to all our readers over the last 150 issues, and here's to the next 150!

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PDF version

Might it be possible for the sake of those who hadn't got into Linux 11 years ago (I was doing a Research degree in Theology at the time so *nix computing wasn't of the essence)to have access to a PDF of the original Linux Answers via the subscribers area or are there issues around reproducing it? It would be a nice 150th edition celebratory item!

Re: PDF version

Good idea! Although it's soooo old now, that I doubt we have a PDF version of it anywhere -- probably just paper copies. I'll have a look though.


Re: PDF version

Thanks at least for trying Mike. Even a scan of it if there is just paper would be great.


Free disc

I know people rail against the cost of the DVD, but without it, I'd have never stuck with Linux.

Cast your minds back to the early days of the eeepc. I got the old eeepc700 (the one with no possible upgrades and a 2Gb ssd). I held onto Xandros for about a week. By then it had annoyed me completely. I wiped it off in favour of XP, and there it would have stayed, if it weren't for Ubuntu 7.10, from the cover of LXF100. My first issue.

I ran it off a 4Gb SDHC card and have never looked back since.

Thanks guys.

Oh, and thanks for the shoutout last podcast. Watch out for a prezzie in a week or 2...

Re: Theology Research Degree

Not to get off-topic, but I'd love to know what Gregoriosw's research degree was on, having studied Theology myself :-)


It was not completed for a number of reasons I will share off line... It was "On the eve of his retirement a consideration of the theological contribution of Bp. Kallistos of Diokleia to Modern Eastern Orthodox Theology". 30,000 words were completed but I decided to go and hang out in Greece for a bit rather than continue. If you check out linkedin you'll see why...


Jon - item not on linkedin... G+ profile.

The funny thing is that this

The funny thing is that this cover could be easily the cover of Linux Format 151.

Answers revisited

Yes, would be fascinating to see what questions were asked and answered back then.

And while on the historical kick, when and why was the name changed to Linux Format?

Happy birthday

I'm assuming that flag-waver with the Acorn Electron is Linus himself, but what's Abraham Lincoln doing lugging his monitor around?
Favourite issue's got to be the Debian Sarge bonanza in 2005 - two shiny CD's with a flying pig on the sleeve. Ran great on my IBM Pentium II. Halcyon days...
Happy birthday, LXF!

"and here's to the next 150!"

+1 for Linux Format moving to a rolling release cycle

Open Ballot

In May 2011, the Open Ballot was 'What is Linux's killer feature?'. Having read it weeks after, I have to say right now that it is:

Linux Format Magazine

Without it, I doubt I would running Linux right now! It keeps me up-to-date in a well written format, it is lighthearted, and a great source of long term knowledge. Thank you and congratulations!

150 issues (now I feel old)

A subscription transfer to the brand new magazine Linux Format (issue 1) was the default option from Future when Amiga Format was finally shut down. I wonder how many of us refugees are left ? ;) Never did get Debian 2 to install on my miggy, the installation screen kept using a resolution neither my monitor nor my tele could display, still got the disks somewhere though. Now that could be a "you dare us" challenge for you.


Blimey that's going back a bit. That's where I first got LXF from (- Amiga Format going under). The covering note in the post said something like: sorry time's up for AF but here's something with a similar geek-kudos outsider vibe.
Nor could I get Debian working on the A1200. Installed the first part OK but then the CD-ROM stopped working - with the benefit of hindsight, no auto-mount :(

Keeps me interested

I got introduced to Linux about 5 years ago at university. I was scepitical of my housemates using it and I vowed I'd never have Linux as my main desktop.

Since that fateful day, I have had many a Fedora install as my main desktop and have subscribed to your fine magazine. Your magazine continues to teach me new linux stuff and keep me nicely up to date on linux goings on.

Love the mag, Love the podcast. Keep it up guys. Also a digital copy of that 1st issue would be epic!

Another Amiga Format exile!

Another Amiga Format exile! I would like to request that LXF interviews Nick Veitch to find out what happened during the last days of Amiga Format, and what he did before starting on Linux Format.

It was a real real shame that I never tagged on to Linux from the Amiga - I think I missed that message... When I went to university I bought a thinkpad which came with Win XP, and was forced to be happy with that (and, actually, it was perfectly fine and stable to start with, it was just when it got to SP2 that it became slow and crap, then WGA made me realise I never really owned that computer all that time...)


Linux Answers...

@TuxRadar - I guess no Linux Answers PDF was found in the end then, nor something that could be reproduced. Ne'er mind!

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