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We all need a change of scenery now and then, so how about a change of distro? With so much rapid innovation going on in the Linux world, distros are constantly edging ahead of one another in areas such as performance stability and ease-of-use. In this month's cover feature we throw six of the best distros into a pit and let them battle it out for supremacy. Who's the winner? You may very well be surprised...

We've backed this up by putting all six of the distros on a special 8GB, double-sided DVD. On one side we have the full version of Fedora 15 with almost 3,000 packages - everything you need for a powerful Linux desktop, development workstation or server. Plus we have games, tutorials, podcasts and much more.

Also in the magazine: check out our review of Mageia 1.0, the community spin-off of Mandriva. We look at how the Fedora distro grows from a bunch of ideas into a fully installable release, examine the best Android apps, and have tutorials on lightweight distros, pro photography, cloud file sharing, Gnome 3 tweaking and more.

View the full contents list here. LXF147 is on sale at all good UK newsagents (overseas in the next few weeks), or you can buy a copy online. Even better, get every issue straight to your door at a great price by subscribing!

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can i just mention

how disappointed I was that I couldn't try Gnome3 from on the live disk..

that is all.

Gnome 3

Fedora 15, which uses Gnome 3, is bootable from the coverdisc so I'm not sure what you mean? I'm planning on giving it a spin myself later, out of pure curiosity.

Re: can i just mention

We had Gnome 3 Live on the disc two issues earlier, in 145.



I've never had Unity or Gnome 3 work for me anyway - so I look forward to everything else. And I mean that enthusiastically.

@Mike K

In Virtualbox, at least, I've had absolutely no luck with Gnome 3 or Unity. Oh well, I was only curious anyway. KDE suits me fine!


I've just upgraded VirtualBox to 4.0.10_OSE r72436, and now both Gnome Shell in Fedora and Unity in Ubuntu are working quite well with 3D acceleration enabled.

My graphics card is a GeForce 7600 GS with proprietary drivers, if that helps.



Re: VirtuaBox

Yeah, I had to update to 4.0.8 before Gnome Shell worked properly.



Ah, thanks guys. I'm running Debian which still has version 3.2.10 of Virtualbox! Looks like I'll be checking out Gnome/Unity in about 18 months or so!

I also run a Debian based distro

Looks like I'll be breaking it again to get that new VB 4.0.8 working.


I didn't realise backports worked like that! Thanks for the tip - I'll check it out.

Linux Outlaws?

I personally find that podcast too long, too wandering, too navel-gazing, too profane, frequently off-topic (topic being Linux) and at times too immature. I don't know how it made first place.

I like Dan and Fab, don't get me wrong, but I am always on the verge of unsubscribing in favor of more concise podcasts that I don't have to worry about playing without headphones.

I certainly don't listen to every episode any more, I just don't have the time.

I think the only longer length podcast is TLLTS. I think I have listened to maybe two entire episodes of that, trying to fast-forward through pre-show banter / sound checks / et al. I know people do these shows for fun, and enjoy hanging out with each other for 2 hours or more, but spectators to such are likely to fall asleep if you can't keep it moving along and focused and trim out the fluff.

Obviously in Linux fragmentation fashion, if you want a focused, concise podcast, presumably you are supposed to create a fork or something.


Any "focused, concise podcast" would be unbearably boring.

@Inkayacu (Linux Outlaws)

I'd argue that the FLOSS Weekly podcast is pretty focussed, certainly it doesn't have much of the fluff that's present on LinuxOutlaws and LinuxActionShow, so maybe that'd be a better choice? I listen to all three, and it's intesting to see that also seems to rate LO and FLOSS Weekly.

I pretty much agree with the ratings in the mag - finding that LAS can get way too "forced wacky" for me, and the intrusive adverts for GoDaddy and ISC can grate. LO's not perfect either - could also do with a little less "potty mouth" (as noted in the mag) - bad Fab!

Speaking of LAS, did anyone else hear the extended rant on the "WebOS 3.0" show against LinuxFormat and especially LO? Pretty unnecessary and I'm unconvinced that the charge of (deliberate?) inaccuracy laid against LO stands up. Someone obviously didn't get their cup of coffee that morning. ;)

By the way, any chance of a review of other podcasts - the Ubuntu UK one is also pretty good, if a little strange at times?

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