Linux Format free to download for 24 hours only


As promised, we hosted a full high-res copy of the latest Linux Format magazine right now. Sadly, it was for 24 hours only, and you were too slow!

Still, we have some other incredible content you might want to read, not least of which are these five:

  1. Linux tips every geek should know
  2. The Linux Starter Pack - 130 pages of PDFs available for free download
  3. The Linux Pub Quiz - we bet you can't get 100% correct...
  4. How to install Linux on a USB flash drive
  5. 10 simple ways to make your Linux box more secure

Note that the Linux Starter Pack is available only as a low-res PDF. If you'd like to see it made available as a high-res torrent, let us know in the comments below.

Answers to predictable questions

Are you going to be putting this issue online again?

No, sorry - you missed your chance.

I downloaded it. Can I give it to my friends?

Sure. There's no DRM, so you can give it to as many friends as you like.

Is it true the issue is now on The Pirate Bay?

We wouldn't know. We wouldn't recommend you go and search there for yourself. And we certainly wouldn't recommend you download it from there to enjoy the issue at your leisure. Come to think of it, we don't even know what The Pirate Bay even is.

I've searched and searched and can't find this anywhere!

Just post on a forum - over 21,000 people downloaded the high-res PDFs (and thousand more snagged the low-res PDFs), so you're bound to find someone who will share them with you.

Can I buy Linux Format in the US/Australia/Canada/Outer Mongolia?

Linux Format is on-sale worldwide every four weeks. Yes that includes the US. Yes that includes Australia and Canada. Yes, that even includes Wales. Not Outer Mongolia though - sorry! You can find find more information on buying LXF, including information on your nearest stockist if you're in the US, by clicking here.

If you can't find an issue, or if you just happen to feel like saving a huge amount of money, take a look at the price of a subscription - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised, particularly if you're in the US.

Note that all our subscriptions come with free access to over 1200 PDFs from our back issue archive.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about this offer - keep your eyes peeled, because there's a lot more to come...

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Your comments


Thank you!

Linux wannabe geek

Just thought I'd add a thank you.
I don't buy magazines much anymore, most of the content I look for is on the 'net and seldom can I find a magazine with much I haven't stumbled on myself or had a tech mate send me a link about.

In saying that, I'm downloading this one to have a look through, may even print out a few articles as well to have on hand should I need them.

Thanks are owed to the NZLUG newsgroup for posting the link to here.

Keep up the good work.

i have tried it and i don't

i have tried it and i don't like it and i ain't gonna use it. why are you fanbois trying to push it on me? if i don't like something then it is NOT better. it's different but not better. you fanbois need to stop with microsoft rhetoric.

waste of time

Ok. this' gonna hurt somebody.

I wasted my time downloading the damn torrent just to find a very poor organized electronic magazine. When I opened the pdf files, I got... NOTHING. ALL BLANK.


AND NO, I WON'T BUY YOUR MAGAZINE. If you can't make a simple PDF file work, what will you teach me!?

Thanks for free Linux Format and KDE 4

Many thanks to the team at Linux Format for such a generous offer. Most of us appreciate it a lot and I hope you don't get discouraged doing the same some time in the future.

At this point I also have to say thanks to all working hard on KDE 4. I've just recently started to try Linux and KDE 4 is actually the first desktop that actually keeps me in Linux and away from Windows for longer time. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I love how you can construct your own desktop from widgets, something like Lego bricks. Hack it even made my girlfriend interested a bit into this penguin think :)

So again, big thanks to all!

kde4 sux

kde4 sux


I plan to try this issue for free and then consider subscribing, or at least picking up a copy at Barnes & Noble when I can.


I thought this was an elaborate hoax, until I went to the Linux Format site, and found that tuxradar is their own site: and this piece is linked right from the front of tuxradar.

So it must be a very elaborate hoax!

Anyway, it is downloading really fast for me (I am in the UK) about 130 kilobytes per second, which is about the limit of my connection this morning. There are lots of people seeding the torrent, and I will leave it seeding myself as long as possible to keep your download quick (at least if you are in the UK)

Great quality

Re: waste of time

To the user that only got a blank file, check your bittorrent settings (or get a different bittorrent client) and try again.

I downloaded a zipped bundle of 50 PDF files, in beautiful print quality (with an HTML index)

This is very generous of the magazine, who has no doubt paid talented artists and writers a few bob to produce this. Thanks all!


Thanks for the free issue. I saw your magazine once in one of the local news stand. I'll keep an out for future issues now that I got a chance to read some great articles.

Hope they carry it at the news stand. :)
If not I'll make a request.

Thanks again

Thank you very much

Really appreciate the effort, and I congratulate the increase in your sales. Keep up effort, and keep your chins up!

Thanks. Great Mag

I buy these from my newsagent in south Africa. Thank you for this kind offer!

Gonna buy

I downloaded the Hi-version and I must say that I want to get this magazine to my collection. So need to go find place where to buy this!

Why someone might ask? Because KDE 4.2 is historical because even it is KDE4, it ain't same as KDE 4.0.x or 4.1.x series what most users bash all the time because they have not tested current one. (Now I have 4.2.1 installed on my system, the development version) Thanks!

@Mehall Thanks again

Thanks for the link. Still working at 1000GMT and 400kbps so about 4'29" to download. B-)

Tuxradar I do fully appreciate your problem but it's not beyound the ability of man to limit the number of concurrent connections and/or the bandwidth allocated to each connection to protect your server. The latter being a bit harder than the former. I have the other problem that I will be at work and effectively off line from in an hours time until about 0100 tommorow, but that is my problem. B-) I'll probably still buy the mag mainly for the cover disc.

Thank You! I'm a subscriber

Thank You! I'm a subscriber from Norway.


Just got an email from my co-worker asking me to get this for him as he's off site today. Thanks for putting this up! The PDF quality is great and I'll leave this to seed for a few more hours!

I'm a stranger here!so,

I'm a stranger here!so, what' this?


I've started seeding both the PDFs and ISOs from a dedicated server ... it's quite scary to see the ISO being uploaded to others at a total of 80Mbps! Thanks, LXF guys, for doing this; supremely charitable and much appreciated. To echo the first poster's sentiments, I'd love to see a PDF+ISO subscription version :)

browsable pdf?

An all-in-one-pdf with hyperlinks within would resemble a real magazine much better. How does one page through 50+ PDFs?

Thank You!

Thank you Linux Format for taking initiative to free the content. This is big step for publishing industry towards freedom.

Keep it up!

LXF roolz lol

LXF roolz lol

You're more than welcome.

I guess I either underestimated demand, or have more bandwidth than I thought :P

I hope everyone gets the .zip, and the other (more limited I'm sure) mirror is about to go up now too.

Thank you

I'm a regular Linux Format reader and would like to say thanks for this great gift.
To everybody moaning about it being a torrent, quit it.
You can't d/l torrents, poor you, if you've got a hosting service and a shedload of bandwidth going spare let me know and I'll happily upload the PDF for you.
And why on earth would anybody want to use RapidShare?


Nice one.
Keep up the good work guys + gals!


Sorry for anyone who missed me saying it:

visit (feel free to have a look while you're there) and you can find a direct link to the .zip

Also: since it's linux Format... couldn't you have tarball'd it? =[


A little "puppy dog" salesmanship as we like to call it here across the pond.

The Tramp


A torrent means people who download it are redistributing (parts of) it to others. You seem to not want us to redistribute it so why the torrent? Are you gonna sue us?!?? Seems a bit strange to me.


I shall quote what one of the comments, from TuxRadar, says:

"clearly without any DRM there's nothing stopping you from giving them to everyone, torrenting them, printing them, selling them, whatever. We'd rather everyone obtained the PDFs directly from us, but we can't stop you redistributing them for eternity. If someone does decide to put the whole thing on The Pirate Bay in 48 hours, I doubt we'd be particularly upset! ;)"

So it is on TPB, and it is on my site.

I have recieved no emails from them asking ti to be removed, and they haven't bothered contacting TPB either.

Thanks to LXF and :-)

Just been to mehall as I can't get to a torrent behind this firewall. Might I just suggest that if you do get your file from that fine site, you take the time to clickity on one of the google ads on the side of his front page? Hope I can say this as he's not asked anyone to, and I have no idea even who s/he is!
Love, Light and Peace, Crispibits


Haha, I was being very careful not to voilate my agreement with Google, lol.

You're more than welcome, I was just doing it for all those LXF fans who couldn't get the file.

Also: how was your DL speed?

Capped at all? I'm not too sure about where I'm hosting the file itself. (Off from my main hosting, so I still have my site up even if my b/w maxxes out)

Great and generous - thanks

I would appreciate if you can provide LF 2008 issues in high res format. Of course, I will gladly pay. Not $14 per paper issue -but $2 or around that. How about entire 2009 issues for $25 downloadable !
You will find at least 10000 subscribers - that is $250K in your pocket - either downloadable or DVD - pick ur choice.



mehall - D/L speed good enough

It was about 300kB/s, so not bad at all really - I've seen a lot worse - especially through our crappy network!

Love, Light and Peace, Crispibits

24hr limit

i hope the cover disc torrent stays for longer than 24 hours - aint no way i can complete 4g in a day !

Thanks to

Many thanks, mehall (and LXF, of course)!


crappy torrent speeds

I don't know why, but even with 1300 seeders, I have to wait almost 24 hours to download the issue. Using ktorrent on KDE4.2 on Mandriva. :-)

The direct d/l from is due to be done in about 30 minutes.

speeds are fine for me,

speeds are fine for me, torrent finished in 3 mins flat... seeding now for those not as blessed as me

Suggestion - Diskless Subscription

I like your magazine, but I don't use the disks.

The newsstand price, $17 in the U.S., is awfully high for someone who just wants the magazine (not the disk). The subscription price is better, but still multiple times the price of a typical magazine subscription.

If you offered a diskless subscription at a lower price, I'd be a subscriber.

You mentioned doing that for overseas subscribers in the past but never followed through with it.

Re: DVD torrent

Yep, we appreciate that the DVD ISO could take a while to download, so we'll leave it seeding for a bit longer!


Must admit I've never heard of this magazine before, much less read it. I'm going to hop on though so I can check it out. Thanks!


شكراً لكم .. من مصر

Go Linux Format.



Thanks for the free issue! I live in the US and am ill so can't afford $180 a year for a subscription, or the $17 an issue at Barnes and Noble, but love the magazine and usually end up flipping through it a bit too long at the bookstore when I can find it, gotta thank you for this freebie! Not so secretly, I would also love the option to buy pdfs over the web like many others (and that You Can Code! special edition that sold out would be nice to have too, while I'm at it!), but in another world where I don't have cancer or at least get to remission and could start work again, I'd just buy myself a darn subscription already. Thanks for making not being able to afford your magazine slightly more tolerable this month!

Why the multiple PDF's

Why couldn't you have made just one PDF?
It's a very messy implementaion with multiple files like that.

I´m also seeding as fast as

I´m also seeding as fast as i can!

Digital download would be great

Digital download would be great. Here in the land of ubiquitous connectivity I don't need or want CD's or DVD's so I don't understand why they are still in this mag. Should be an option to buy without the media! =)

lzma :P

Next time (OK, there won't be a "next time" but whatever :D) you might want to try lzma instead of zip lol.

Thanks for doing this! This

Thanks for doing this! This was a screaming fast torrent for me, using the Rtorrent client (no wussy gui's for me!). I'll keep seeding for till it's over.

Downloading it now.. I'd

Downloading it now.. I'd have preferred a direct dl as I'm at work, but that probably would have killed their servers and their bandwidth.

Here in New Zealand, LXF is either 3 or 4 months old by the time it hits the shelves (and still costs about NZ$20) or it's air freighted and costs over NZ$40.

The reality for me is that if my news is more than a few days old, it's typically useless, and the articles in print mags tend to be reviews, 90% of which I don't care about.

LXF have online goodies for subscribers to the print mag, but I would like to see an online-only subscription model for Linux mags. Look at Jon Corbet charges a small monthly fee that gives subscribers access to articles in advance. Once they're a couple of weeks old, they are available to be read for free by anyone.

Even if LXF's paid-articles weren't released free later, or not until months later, that would still be preferable. I would pay for a subscription for timely articles. Of course, the news would probably be irrelevant as punters would get it from a million other sites -- your same sources. But if the monthly price was under the cover price, then many people would subscribe.

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