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The world of the system administrator is changing. You can spin up new virtual machines and create RAID arrays with just a couple of commands, pull the strings of multiple server systems with Puppet, use NoSQL to boost your earnings potential and much, much more. And when you`ve done all that you can peek into the world of Arch Linux, find out what it takes to organise your own OSCON/OggCamp-like conference, and get the inside track on how open source is being put to good use at Jolla, the successor to the Meego mobile operating system. All this, plus reviews, tutorials, Answers, HotPicks and more await in your latest Linux Format!

On the DVD: Fedora 19, Tails, and Knoppix. Plus tutorial code, answers, hotpicks and the latest TuxRadar podcasts.

For a complete issue overview, and subscriber PDFs, take a look at our archives:

Digital Editions: Linux Format is now available on Android and Chrome with Google Play Magazines, from just £3.99 per issue. It's also available on both Apple's iPhone/iPad/Touch and Android devices through Zinio. You can also purchase individual copies from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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Frustrated Penguins

Argh, I so wish I could buy single issue digital copies. Google Play not available in NZ. Issue 173 will still be on my local newsstand for another 10 days...

Strewth thats a big PDF

Ow doo,

As a subscriber I download the PDF to read on my Nexus if I don't have the paper copy to hand.

This months PDF is a whopping 180 Meg. It takes to long to render on the Nexus!

Ah well back to dead tree......


We've had some problems with the PDF this month. There are some as-yet undiscovered gremlins in the normal PDF-making procedure that resulted in a file that okular and evince couldn't render.

We had to manually tweak it to get it to work and this file is the result.

We are looking into it.

Dear editor

Having briefly looked at the Google Play preview of this issue, the first thing I noticed was a small grammatical error in Less Pounder's article. It was only a contracted "it's" that should have been the possessive "its" but small mistakes like this shouldn't be allowed to slip through the proof reading and editing processes of a professional publication like yours.

Unfortunately I am unable to write this in a green font.

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