Linux Format 172 On Sale Today - Has Ubuntu lost it?


With its Distrowatch ranking falling faster than Man Utd now that Sir Alex Ferguson has departed, Ubuntu is no longer the all-conquering force that it was. So what's happened? Has it, in fact, lost it, or is there a more subtle game afoot? We answer this conundrum (sort of) in the latest Linux Format.

We also invite you discover the ethos that's powering Trisquel, the freeest distro of all named after a Gaulish God; learn the fundamentals of programming with Scratch and Coding Concepts; and get acquainted with your ancestors without travelling through time with the excellent Gramps genealogy application. All this, plus Hotpicks, Sysadmin, tutorials and more, in Linux Format!

On The DVD: Our own Privacy Enhanced remix of Ubuntu and regular versions of Kubuntu and Xubuntu. Plus Manjaro, free (as in speech) books, software and more.

For a complete issue overview, and subscriber PDFs, take a look at our archives:

Digital Editions: Linux Format is now available on Android and Chrome with Google Play Magazines, from just £3.99 per issue. It's also available on both Apple's iPhone/iPad/Touch and Android devices through Zinio. You can also purchase individual copies from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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The Damn Exchange Rate and Furshlinger Overseas Mail

You guys kill me every time an issue comes out. I never heard of Linux Format until I found the Tuxradar podcast. I got hooked on the show so I "acquired" a PDF of an issue. It's extremely well written, fun, and there's something for everyone of any experience level to appreciate and learn from. It's also SLICK. Effy does an incredible job (I'm a designer too).
I live very far from any retailer that would carry the magazine (rural Wisconsin) so I can't pick up single issues. I'd love a subscription, but holy cow, I don't have that much disposable income to spend on my own entertainment, I've got a family to spend money on. I would continue "acquiring" digital issues as they come out, but so help me I can't get used to reading magazines or books on a computer. Long live print. Plus, I can tell you guys all work very hard when you're not at the pub. I usually don't feel guilty about liberal downloading online, but I feel like I know you guys now and would hate to take money out of your pocket. (Don't worry Effy, JK Rowling can afford it)
So until I get a raise or the American Dollar becomes worth something again I'll just stew every time a new issue comes out.
Best of luck

Overseas Subscription - Worth the Pain

@Burgess Meredith, I feel your pain. $140 USD per year for a hardcopy subscription here in the USA made me think long and hard before I first subscribed. Really, I had to debate with myself for 6 months.

Glad I did though, for all the reasons you mentioned. I look forward to each issue as a little monthly reading luxury away from the countless hours spent reading from video monitors.

I finally rationalized it to myself by comparing the monthly cost of each LXF issue to the price of a cinema ticket, which would I enjoy more. LXF won by a large margin. Actually, it was a bargain when I framed it that way. (your mileage may vary).

Keep up the great publication and podcasts Graham, Ben, Andrew, Jonathan, David, Neil, Efi, and all the others. Mike, your presence is always missed!

Quality is a worthwhile investment

I too live in in the wreckage that was the states and similarly lament the great difficulty acquiring this fine publication (especially after B&N pulled issue 155!). Yes, the price is higher than rags about fashion, celebrities and cars (more like catalogs really)yet the usefulness of the content far outweighs the investment. As a bonus, subscribers get unlimited access to archives of previous issues to reference not to mention the satisfaction of rewarding one of the few truly worthy teams of journalists in the trade. In closing Yes, Unbuntu lost it's way with Gnome (which Win 8 is miming) and since then has not really been that great; luckily there's plenty of other tasty fish in the sea for hungry penguins like us :-)


There is a great deal to like about Trisquel, and just enough not to like to wonder why you took the plunge. But I've tried it and liked it reasonably well enough. Support those guys if you can.

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