Linux Format 164 On Sale Today - Linux at CERN!


Yes, CERN!

The hunt for the Higgs boson, the so-called God Particle that so angered Ewan McGregor, generates an enormous amount of data. And what kind of OS do think runs the machines that wrangle this data? It's not a trick question: the answer is Linux, because it's powerful, it's open, it's hackable, extensible, scalable and lots of other things that you can read about in this issue.

Also in this, the most amazing magazine ever committed to paper/electrons, we have an EXCLUSIVE chat with Red Hat's man inside the US government, who tells us why Linux on US Navy drones isn't such a big deal after all; play with Razor-qt, a low-calorie version of the KDE desktop; and take an EXCLUSIVE look back at the philosophers of old to find out why we feel so smug every time we boot into Debian.

All this, plus Android, Python and our EXCLUSIVE Code Concepts tutorials, and the corpse of a Spectrum ZX81 being desecrated with a Raspberry Pi. It can only be Linux Format!

On the DVD: 4 distros - OpenSUSE 12.2, Zorin Core, SolusOS and SnowLinux.

For a complete issue overview, and subscriber PDFs, take a look at our archives:

Digital Editions: Linux Format is available on both Apple's iPhone/iPad/Touch and Android devices through Zinio. You can also purchase individual copies from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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What's a Spectrum ZX81?

You mean a ZX Spectrum.

Spectrum ZX81?

Either Sinclair ZX81 or Spectrum ZX .....

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