Linux Format 157 On Sale Today - Linux Wins!


If it’s brilliant, Linux had it first.

Find out just how awesome your machine really is. We're not idiots. We know that Apple's OS X is great, and Windows 8 is shaping up nicely too. But we also know that all of the cutting-edge tech and brilliant ideas that are forming the next generation of computer operating systems were all available in Linux before Microsoft's 3D desktop effects were a twinkle in Bill Gates' eye.

Join us, then, as we celebrate the sheer awesomeness of your humble PC, find out how the competition is trying to imitate us and take a look at how we're keeping one step ahead. Also in the issue we hear from two-thirds of the men behind Wikiotics, an open languange-learning resource based on sound free software principles; sift through the cope hosting projects out there to find out which one is the best for you; and read all about Young Rewired State, a brilliant scheme that's getting more kids to code. All this, plus our tutorial section, the coding academy and more hands-on learning than you can shake a stick at.

On the disc: 4 bootable distros, including Sabayon 8, Chakra, LXF OpenSUSE remix and Crunchbang 10.

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