Linux Format 156 On Sale Today - The incredible Raspberry Pi!

Raspberry Pi!

We`re wildly excited about the Raspberry Pi, and you should be too. It`s a full, working PC, it runs Linux and it costs just $25. It`s not Windows 8-certified, but it`s going to change the way the world thinks about computing. We go behind the scenes to bring you the inside story of this revolutionary bit of kit.

Elsewhere in the magazine we speed up your Linux box to within an inch of its life, pick the best distro for your creaking old PC that`s currently gathering dust in the attic (or struggling to cope with the latest bloatware from Microsoft), and talk to Michael Meeks about the moral forces at work when you choose your distro.

Gasp in shock as Gentoo 12 is revealed as the best distro ever, and feel a warm glow when we try KDE 4.8 and discover that it doesn`t suck (on the contrary, it`s fantastic – we just had to put some flame-bait in here to annoy our KDE-using editor). All this and more, coming to a shiny PDF reading device near you!

On the DVD: CentOS 6.2 + Linux Games Live. Plus 5 other distros!

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I thought they had decided to launch the $35 model first...

I want two!!, and really

I want two!!, and really hate the delay in getting new issues in the states :-(

Raspberry Pi = Rip OFF

So now the price is $35, plus $26 shipping and who knows what for handling. A full featured raspberry pi is $105. Not to mention extra for the codecs. It is not a programming tool for poor people it an over priced toy for rich people. A used computer makes much more sense, and can be had for less money.

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