Linux Format 119 - on sale now!

Linux Format is the world's best Linux magazine. No, really.

The latest issue of Linux Format magazine is on sale from today. Yes, you can buy it across the world. Yes, even in Australia/Brazil/Norway/America/Wales.

Inside the issue you'll find all-new tips to help you work smarter with Linux, a hands-on guide to what makes Slackware as awesome as ever, a group test of Midnight Commander-alike file managers, an interview with Zeev Suraski from Zend, plus tutorials on, SSH tunnelling, Trickle, HomeBank, Gimp, ffmpeg and more.

In short, LXF119 covers the best the free software world has to offer, condensed down to 116 pages of magazine goodness. Click here to find out more about what's in the issue or, if your visits here have left you thinking, "wait a minute, if I had bought LXF I could have read this stuff months if not years ago" and you're desperate to part with your cash, click here to find out how to buy a copy - if you're in the US you should use the store locator for Barnes & Noble or Borders.

(NB: if you're a subscriber, you can download the PDFs for LXF119. If you're not a subscriber, what's taking you so long?)

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Even in Wales??

You cheeky little chaps, you'd better watch out if you cross the bridges, here be dragons :P

Pretty sure I picked this up

Pretty sure I picked this up yesterday, not today :)

Already read it all!

When's the next one? Come on, COME ON!

Btw - captchas, now that I've finally bothered to register? MEH!


Mhm, I've just noticed that aswell, hah

Can I download the whole pdf

Can I download the whole pdf by paying for only one issue ? or I need to subscribe in order to download it the way you provided Free 116 issue ?

No... you'd need to

No... you'd need to subscribe. Again, what's taking you so long?!


Back in the day

I miss all the screen-shots in the magazine of that beautiful brown desktop :(

Only 14 issues more to go and I'll have 100 of them sat on the shelf behind me.


You need to subscribe to dowload PDFs of Linux Format. But the upside is that if you subscribe now, you get something like 1200 PDFs from our previous issues as well!

@dazfuller: Thanks to our highly trained Photoshop monkeys, we now have green and blue desktops too! Darn those Ubuntu-haters...

Even in Norway?? :p

PDFs? I didn't know that... Nice!


Norway is actually a big source of readers for us. The only thing holding us back from moving there is the fact that we don't speak Norwegian. And the high prices. OK, so there are two things holding us back: no Norwegian and high prices. And the fact that we don't have an office there. OK, so there are three things...............

A moose bit my sister once.

Digital subscription

I would like to subscribe to the digital editions only. Please guys consider that option too (just like Linux Journal does).
Thank you!

Do my eyes deceive me

@shashwat Photoshop, you mean it's produced using non-free software?



What if you set up an office-tent in the middle of Jotunheimen, and piped every conversation through a nice perl.. python-script and Google translate?

As for the high prices - I heard of a guy who went into space with Linux and made lots of money.. perhaps not exactly in that order... ;)


@ Tuxradar : Thanks for explaining. So if I subscribe now I get all the previous 2009 and back article as well ? Wow that's great :D.

Few noobish query.. I really want to subscribe.. I live in India. Now if I subscribe I get printed issue or only pdf ? I am happy with pdf but reading printed is something thats no e-format can compete with :p

Nonetheless can you guide me with subscription thing.. I never subscribed to a non-Indian linux magz that's why am bit sceptical :p

@dazfuller : I didn't get your point.

I was pointing that subscriber get the pdfs in same way they published 116 issue for free. One archive with an HTML file linking to all the articles. ? That saves a lot of time and help easy navigation .. Was just curious :)

Will subscribe asap :)


Anyway, I didn't get the PDFs to view correctly. I tried evince, epdfviewer, xpdf, but the actual content, the text, was missing in most of the pdf files.

@Shashwat : You subscribe for the printed issue - the PDFs are an extra treat from LXF towers :).

( I am, and this should be obvious by the previous post(s), a Norwegian subscriber. )

Go for it!


>We've tried fixing the problem in the past, but it's really
>random - sometimes GhostScript works, sometimes it doesn't.
>Sometimes pdfjoin works, sometimes it doesn't. So we
>recommend everyone uses Adobe Reader, because it's
>guaranteed to work.

I've had some problems viewing articles in the official reader, too :/


Drop an email with some more information and we'll look into it.

@TuxRadar LXF as PDF

It's a great that I can download LXF issues as subscriber, but...

1) I would like to have all LXF as a PDF File. Starting by issue no. 1

2) The quality of pictures in the PDFs is sometimes really really bad esp. in older issues. Maybe you can redo them?

3) A possibility to download a whole issue in one PDF or in an archiv.


We'd love to give you PDFs since issue 1, but it's just not going to happen - back then PDFs weren't even used! In Ye Olden Days of print, the whole thing was put onto film. LXF only went PDF sometimes around issue 12, and the archives are really patchy that far back.

Still, it's possible we could at least drag up all the PDFs we have available anywhere in the company and put them all together. But with over company having produced 200 other magazines spanning that period, "patchy" might be an understatement!

You can already download whole issues as an archive - just look for the link on the issue page. Following a reader letter that went into LXF119 (probably) we're working on a way to make a HTML front-end for issues to make them more easily browsable. Watch this space!

stickers with subs

Dear all at LXF.

I want to subscribe and my wife has finally agreed that despite the recession I can get a magazine subscription.
Some tie ago in the mag was an offer to get some lovely stickers for the notebook to cover up the nasty windows and intel stickers.
I really would love to be able to do this. Can I get a quarterly sub with the sticker offer somehow.


Shop or Sub ?

Currently the Mrs and I on the weekend go to dinner and
then the book shop. I shun all other Linux Mags and go
straight for LXF. I will read the contents page but go no further and instead defferng to my return home where I will
settlein my comfy chair with my favorite beverage and prepare to be educated yet entertained.

But is this over indulgent ? By purchasing from the shop instead of subscribing am I somehow depriving journalists
well balanced meals in the variety of Linux distros they need to consume ? Are they just living on scones (no butter) and Ubuntu ?

Re: Shop or Sub?

We're actually not sure whether we make more or less money if you buy in the shop, but the nice thing about working in the editorial team is that we don't really care - we're just glad you enjoy the magazine! You can, however, save yourself money by subscribing - it's usually at least 40% cheaper, sometimes rising up to 55% depending on where you are, the time of the year, and the colour of socks you're wearing.

@mrmond: Stickers? We're on to magnets now, which we think are much cooler! But if you really want stickers, just look in an older copy of LXF to see previous subscription deals. If you're really struggling, just go with whichever subscriptions deal you want, then drop us an email with your subscriber number and we'll have a hunt around for some stickers in the office.

Last Question

Thanks for clearing the doubts ..

Just two last question before I go and subscribe.. WIll I be able to change the address if I change my residence ?

Also by what date am I suppose to receive the printed magz in India ?

Looking forward to reading LXF regularly :D

Re: Last question

Yes, you can change your address as often as you need to.

As for the date, we really don't know - the speed magazines arrive will depend mostly on your local mail service, and particularly whether you're in a large city or a small town.

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