Jargon File Available


The Jargon File is now available. With a bit of luck, we'll continue to update, expand and improve it as time goes by. Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions!

Update: The URL is fixed and now matches the magazine. The guide can now be found at http://tuxradar.com/jargon. Sorry to anyone who's already shared the link - but it's important the magazine and the website match if possible.

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Promising start!

Like it! For now, just one suggestion. In the H section, you have hard drive then hardware. Hardware references hard drive for which there is an entry but there are no entries for CPU and RAM. I think definitions of those and stuff like motherboard etc. would be useful given that I'm sure all of us have experienced users who think that the entire base unit (There's another one...) is the CPU...

Off to share the link now! :o)


High quality, but sparse! If you care for suggestions, here are mine, based on what I would've liked to have known on day 1 of my linux journey: GTK, QT, curses, library, package, console, GPL, curses, screen (as in the software), ssh, daemon, tarball, make, alsa, oss, module, dependency, X, and so on.

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