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Jon says:

I'm compiling a jargon file for the website and for the magazine's disc. In case anyone has any suggestions, I've set it up as a Google Doc that anyone can comment on. I'd love to see comments on my definitions and ideas for definitions that I've missed.

Note that it's still lacking lots of definitions! I decided on the initial definitions to suit the topics in next month's newbie guide, but I'm going to try and expand it to cover as much strange terminology and as many awkward acronyms as possible over the next few weeks.

Update: The Jargon File is now available. With a bit of luck, we'll continue to update, expand and improve it as time goes by. Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions!

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Owner/Ceo of WOCTX.com

Grub, Terminal, Sudo, GkSudo Nautilus, Nautilus, Widgets, Plasmoids. Are just a few off the top of my head. Along with Plugins and network. Samba, all the different file systems. There are countless others. How detailed are you wanting ttto make this? How long? I can possibly help and compile a list for you. Also include, Compile, .tar and so on. Explain a little bit of how the Kernel works. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Has this got something to do with...

That letter about jargon in the magazine

@Swiderski, Just Read 154


They're all great suggestions... I guesss I'm aiming to do the beginners level stuff first, and then we'll expand as time goes on. As for helping, I might turn it into an open wiki at some point, but that'll have to wait until later in the month...

@Just read 154:

I'd planned a jargon file for the beginners guide anyway, but that letter has definitely provided me with some extra motivation to do a thorough job of it and keep it around after the article is done!


you may first want to give a definition of the word "Jargon".
that may sound daft but its important we undersand what you mean by " Jargon".


I'd never come across those sites before, but they look great. The problem comes when we want to include portions in the magazine, since we wouldn't have the rights to publish it (although we could cite individual definitions). I doubt our little effort will ever be so comprehensive, but hopefully useful for readers (and fun for me to research - I could never remember the difference between Mb MiB etc before!).

@Anonymous Penguin - not daft, if you thought it's worthwhile doing, it probably is. For reference, jargon is language that's unique to a specific field of knowledge, activity or profession.


You gotta explain EULA, since I had a 15 minute phone conversation with my Father-in-law who was telling me a woman called "You-Laa" is asking me to accept her...

Good Idea

I think this is a great idea but it is definitely in need of a database type search mechanism. As a Google Doc it doesn't lend itself to searching.

As the original letter suggests it could be a database with an alphabetised glossary front end.

I love the EULA comment by the way!


That's certainly a good point, and something I will definitely use them for :-)

@Rich Austin - it certainly won't be in a Google Doc in it's final form, that was just a place to get some feedback on the early progress :-) Agree about the Eula comment - that should have been in our joke thread!

Great Idea but to much work

You have a great Idea but could limit the definitions to Linux Format's mistakes. Yes they are mistakes since using acronyms without first describing what it means is incorrect king's English.
I've been reading about computers and software for nearly 60 years and very often get descusted with writer's misuse of acronyms. We all make mistakes but it seems that the improper use of acronyms just makes for very difficult sometimes nearly impossible reading.

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