Issue 2 of Tap! now available


OK, we know that many readers of this site aren't massive Apple fans, but we just wanted to give a quick mention of some work by our sister magazine, Tap!. And especially because the former Linux Format editor, Paul Hudson, helped to create it. Take it away, Team Tap:

"The first issue of the Tap! interactive app hit the streets last month to the resounding sound of applause from iPad pundits across the globe. Featuring the 100 Greatest apps of all time the Tap! app used video, 360 degree photography and iPad compatible features to receive such reviews as 'Interaction as it's meant to be', 'Perfect iPad app', 'The way to the future', 'Best magazine by far!', 'Ace app!'.

We soared up the Apple charts last month and are delighted to announce the launch of issue 2 – now on sale on Apple Newsstand. This issue shows you how to make every car trip fun and easy with essential sat nav and in-car entertainment apps, shoot pro videos and edit your photos – along with extensive reviews of all of the best apps and video capture of the best games – to give your iPad more va-va-voom!’ Sample it at"

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