As HP dumps Linux for netbooks, Linutop powers on


In the words of Frederic Baille, the CEO of Linutop, “an open source, Linux-based operating system is the ideal platform that allows users to get most of their devices. Additionally, open source allows running systems more cost-effective because users do not have to pay for an operating systems and applications from the established vendors. We are convinced that open source operating systems will become even more popular amongst many professional and semi-professional users in the future."

But then he would say that, wouldn't he - Linutop being a vendor of Linux micro-PCs, after all. Not that we mind - we rated it 9/10 in Linux Format issue 110, calling it "a flexible, powerful, silent and low-power device that could be used in many different situations."

Is it really such a bad thing if HP pulls support for Linux netbooks in the UK? Have your say below.

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Linux on HP netbooks - LMAO

How can any company take a modern Linux distro and install/configure it so badly?
As one of those unfortunate enough to have purchased the HP 2133 with Novell/SuSE Linux 10 pre-installed I have to say that HP should stick to installing the latest offerings from Microsoft and leave Linux well alone

The latest offering from

The latest offering from Always Innovating called "Touch Book" is going to make HP kick themselves for not having done that with their Touch UI!

Expect to see HP back in the fray within a year with some market-speak such as "We wanted Linux to mature as a netbook OS ..."

If not, they will go the way of dinosuars because even MS reckons that netbooks are the future.

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