Guake 0.4.0 is here


If you find yourself frequently launching terminal windows to Get Stuff Done, you should by now have discovered Guake - a drop-down, always-on terminal for Gnome (screenshots).

We usually set F12 to display/hide the terminal, which means multi-tabbed command-line power is only a keypress away. What's more, a new version has just been announced, so download Guake 0.4.0 today!

PS: KDE users - has YaKuake been replaced by something else now?

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Yeah there is also yeahconsole...
but which is better?

There's only one way to find out!

Yakuake rocks!!

Yakuake is still the best drop-down menu for KDE :-).

Very useful

I liked it! It seems to be very useful


...but, as does Ollie, I have a launcher for Gnome Terminal on my panel which is just eas easy to launch. When I'm finished with it a quick control-d sends it away. Guake is a good idea but not for me.

I use Tilda on Gnome all the

I use Tilda on Gnome all the time. Does guake have any advantages to Tilda?

YaKuake rules!

As of yesterday I installed and tried YaKuake and I love it. This is one to stay!

Keyboard shortcut

I discovered Guake only a few weeks ago, and quickly set the shortcut to the '|'-key, for some quake nostalgia. However, I quickly realised that '|' is very much needed as the pipe character, and my shortcut for Guake is currently Shift-'|'...

Hopefully, having both a bash shell and a python shell/interpreter (or other interpreters/shells supported by guake) simultaneously (in tabs), an insanely useful feature, will arrive in the next version (I filed a feature request...) :)


Found the existence of Yakuake on this portal and installed the prog.
It's really good . It will stimulate me using the CLI

I dont even use linux and I

I dont even use linux and I know yak is the best linux program ever

get with the times people, and why would yak be replaced with something? whats wrong with yak? does the source have ebola?

Terminal on a Panel Better

Like the guys above I find a terminal icon on a Panel far more useful. Its nice but not for me.

windows key spacebar & T

just get gnome-do. its the gnomes wellys

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