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Do you remember how the world looked in 1986? Back when Microsoft was famous for QuickBasic, Amstrad was a player in the industry, Infocom games came with 3D glasses, maps and scratch 'n' sniff cards, WordStar was still a brand you could trust, and Halley's comet made a flyby? If so, you absolutely won't want to miss this: the team from PC Plus has scanned in all of their third issue, dating all the way back to December 86.

Make sure you have Flash installed, because they've recreated the magazine using a page-turner. And make sure you get in quick before the rest of the internet frags their server. And most importantly of all, make sure you check out the cost of subscribing to PC Plus - it's great value right now, and the magazine has been putting out some particularly awesome issues recently.

PC Plus issue 3

Flashback: PC Plus, Issue #1

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