Get more netbook screen space with PekWM


Netbooks, eh? Lovely little devices for light computing on the go, but they usually have pretty limited screen resolutions (by normal laptop standards). It doesn't help that most desktop environments and window managers cram panels and widgets onto the screen, leaving little room for the most important stuff -- your apps. O'Reilly Broadcast looks at PekWM, a cheeky little window manager which frees up valuable screen real estate, giving more room for your Firefox/OOo/Emacs/Nethack sessions to flex their muscles.

PekWM does this using 'grouping' -- that is, keeping windows of a particular program together. If, say, you have three Gnumeric windows open, you can group them together so that you have one view of Gnumeric, with the titlebar acting as a taskbar. This isn't a totally radically mondo new idea, but PekWM does a stellar job with it and it's easy to set up; hit the link above to find out more.

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