Get a lifetime of Linux learning for under $110


If you wanted to learn about Linux, you might think spending $40 on a book is a smart investment. Well, we're here to tell you in our Entirely Unbiased Way that you're wrong, because we've got a better deal: for US$107 we'll give you 2,119 tutorials, features and reviews from Linux Format magazine to download as beautiful DRM-free PDFs. And whether you're in Canada, Australia, France, the UK or indeed anywhere else in the world, we've got an equally great price for you too.

You're probably thinking that's a great deal, but wait - there's more! Your money also gets you 13 monthly issues of Linux Format magazine for the next year, which means you get the magazine delivered to your door every issue wherever you are in the world, as well as all those magazines available to download as PDFs if you want them. Once your subscription expires, those PDFs you downloaded as still yours to keep, because we hate DRM as much as you. Plus, you also get our awesome free DVD with every issue, or you can download it through our BitTorrent server.

Still not convinced? Here we've put a list of just some - maybe half - of all the incredible content you get for your money. Feast your eyes on what you're missing out on, then, when you simply can't bear it any longer, click the button to subscribe online.

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(PS: if you were wondering, it's $107 because of the conversion rate between Queen Elizabeth's very own British pounds and the US dollar - it fluctuates, see. If you wait two weeks it might get more expensive!)

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Why when this is a

Why when this is a British-based magazine is no mention made of the price in GBP? I can understand using the USD converted rate so those in other countries know what it'll cost them but surely you should at least give the price in GBP once?


Sorry about that. If you're in the UK, you can get a great deal by subscribing online - it's £11.99 quarterly by Direct Debit. Alternatively, look in one of our magazines for a different offer; we have a special magazine binder we're giving away right now if you subscribe through the magazine.


£11.99 eh? Oh dear, looks like I'll have to cancel my sub as it costs me £14.22 per quarter. :(

Now, what could I do with the £8.92 that would save me?

Good Deal!

This is a good deal. A great collection of stuff is available in the archives.

For example, this week I'm looking for a CRM solution for our office. Turns out there are a bunch of SugarCRM tutorials in there showing you how to do some handy reports.

I've got the pdfs and off I go

I got some free PDFs on

I got some free PDFs on archive section of Linux Format site. The images are blur and seem in low quality. Furthermore, evince struggles to show the pages taking 100% of CPU processing about 5 sec. This is very annoying. Someone have this issue?

Regardless of the price . . .

This is the most accessible and useful LINUX journal in the english speaking world or anywhere (I admit my anglo-saxon centricty). The price I pay in the United States is premium, but very well worth it. If I could only get notified about some cool looking binders . . .

Linux noob

Is this a good place to start for a Linux newbie? I just converted over to Ubuntu, and am learning my way around the OS. I want to setup a Linux based home network and eventually a web server...

Individual PDFs for Sale Makes More Sense to Me! :D

I still think selling drm-free individual PDFs of the Mag or selling a year's worth of PDFs at half the price makes more sense to me! Saving money and the environment are GOOD things! I read that printed newspapers are disappearing and magazines may soon follow. E-Magazines/E-Books/Web Sites/PDFs are here to stay so get with it, Linux Format! :D

Markus McLaughlin
linuxglobe on twitter
Hudson, MA, USA

no credit card

(writing from Belgium:)
i don't have a credit card but would like to subscibe to Linux Format Magazine. can i pay through my bank directly? paying to what account?

no credit card - response

Hi Edmond,

We do also accept cheques and postal orders. These need to be made out in UK Sterling and made payable to Linux Format magazine. YOu can then send the cheque to:

Future Publishing Magazine Subscriptions
Tower House
Soverign Park
LE16 9EF
Make sure you say which offer you have seen and quote the reference code if applicable to claim.

Any questions email me at


Ordered the magazine


Subscribed to the magazine. The 2119 tutorials are coming on the CD with the first magazine or I will get an account to a web page from where I can download it?


Fabulous deal!

I jumped on this as soon as I heard about it. I pay a premium in the US, but it is very well worth it. Like Simon, I was uninformed regarding where to download the PDFs. Thanks for the link.

Thanks LXF dudes for all you do!

Oh, dear.

I can't get the subscription to take my subscription number. Does it have to do with the fact I renewed through ims last time?

Is this offer still valid ?

I tried to subscribe but it says the offer is close, can you confirm ? and maybe update this post if this is the case.

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