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While we're busy working on each issue of Linux Format magazine, we get sent a huge number of books to read and review in the magazine. But once we're finished with them, where do they all go? The answer is: into a huge pile. And now a small part of that huge pile can be yours, because we're giving away free books to people who ask for them.

To claim your free book, all you have to do is send us a message on or Twitter (our account name is "tuxradar") with the hashtag #tuxradarfreebooks - if there's a special kind of book (coding/sysadmin/whatever) you want, you're welcome to mention that, but we can't guarantee we'll have a matching book. Something like "@tuxradar Give me PHP books please! #tuxradarfreebooks" should do the trick.

Supplies are, of course, limited, so we'll restrict the free books to 50 or so respondents. If we get a lot of requests, we'll limit the giveaway to followers only. Once the supply is exhausted, we'll update this page to include a list of winners along with instructions with how to get in touch to give us your mailing address.

Update: winners

OK, we've gone through our Big Pile O' Books and all the people who asked for books, trying to ensure that everyone gets something similar to what they've asked for. With such a limited supply of books, and so many people asking, not everyone has won a book. However, if you didn't win we'll happily send you a free copy of Linux Format magazine as a substitute.

So, if your name is on this list, you've won a free book: 7h3c0d3p037, 516urd, Andrix, AndyCrouch, Andysan555, Aperson, Arryharris, Astrotocks, bhanna_81, Biglesp, blucini, Boysey, Butubot, Cardassianscot, cds501, chgonzalez, Danf, Darking665, DarkXDragon, datiecher, Davewillmer, Diego898, Diogogullit, DrewLahooz, e2b, Ecognito, Egner, Ericbannon, Erichyp, Erwinvdv, Euperia, Fanatikjim, finster14, Flimes, g1bwt, Geekouple, Gicoupar, Greg7375, grzechu, GUMfire, Icarokun, Jedahan, jhooks, joeam, Jokou, KeithWatson1, KennethPoulsen, kevin_linuxfan, KhaaL, Koosha66_2nd, lk517, Mariuszczyz, Markrich, Matoakley, Maxim, Max_atreides, Meastp, Megerdin, mfraz74, mo6020, Moriancumer, Nasamajh_blue, Nedril, Neil_Munro, Netbsd, Notabilia, Philmoore, Pidukster, Remixer96, Rjenkins, Scifly, Semajnitram, Seraphyn, Shunhsiung, Siggij, Tailzer, Techandlife, thegoatboy, theOtherOne, TimIgoe, Visegradi, Voidet, Wyrie.

If your name is on this list, we'll send you a free magazine: Apacheuk, BennyFigueroa, Brookmatthew, Coldsavoury, Cthulhu, Dandart, Davidbrennan, Devosion, doddi76, Dragonfyre13, Eshubes, Georgecoffey5, Grimnir512, Hallgeir, Jackwalt, Jezlumb, kaffeequatsch, Kdnewton, kurtvw, LithiumX, Markversus, Modulado, Motioch, Muzer0, Neonblack, NickPaul, Ode, PatrickCage, paul_nutley, Pengjiayou, PeterJFrancis, Romeosidvicious, rootko, Salsaholics, Sandstrand, Sengkoil, Superflip_, Teroz, Tomicide, Usetudl.

WARNING: If you don't claim your free book within 7 days, we reserve the right to give it to someone else.


How do I claim my book/magazine?

Send your mailing address and ID to with the subject TUXRADAR FREE BOOKS. If you don't use the right subject line or don't include your mailing address, you won't get your free book. We need your ID so we can match you up with the right book.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yup, we're an equal-opportunity love giver! Although we can't guarantee books/magazines will arrive, we will at least try to send them. MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR COUNTRY IN YOUR MAILING ADDRESS.

What can I do to thank you for being so nice?!

Saying "thank you" is good enough :) But you could always pick up a copy of Linux Format magazine next time you see it. It's on sale world-wide every month, or you can subscribe and have it delivered to your door for a very reasonable price indeed - just $99 for 13 issues in the US, for example. See our subscription prices for more information.

What if I don't like my book?

We've tried to give everyone a book relating to what they asked for. Some topics, like PHP and Python, were massively oversubscribed, so people who asked for Python books are more likely to be disappointed! Still, you should check out our code section to read all the awesome PHP and Python tutorials we already have online for free. If you really don't like your book, give it away to someone else - spread the love!

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Your comments

Over capacity

Earns a fail whale ;)

Respect for giving away free stuff!


Oooh, free stuff, can't complain there :)


I joined to Twitter hoping to get a free book, now I am totally confused about how to send you guys a message. So I make the request here, #tuxradarfreebooks please send me sysadmin books (and Twitter for dummies) :-)

This is great =]

Can't complain about this! =P I've asked for a beginners book on perl, so let's see what you have =P

Wow, you are awesome! :) To

Wow, you are awesome! :)

To send the message, just write:

@tuxradar your_message_here #tuxradarfreebooks

in the textbox, and click send.

Pretty Sweet!

Nice one! I just requested a python book. I'm just waiting on the test hardware to be given away ;-)

Never look a gift penguin in the...

Great to hear of the freecycling! I hope i win some sysadmin books.

Are they signed?

One other question... are any of the books going to be signed by the tux team?


I joined twitter just to win a book!
Let's see... i hope i get one! (:
( I'm from Brazil i hope it doesn't matter! )

Same problem (ish)

I had the same problem a few years agao. Many books, mostly outdated (Dreamweaver 3 anyone?), no space.

I just bought a bigger house!

How about the autographs!

Good question from semajnitram; how about signing the books.

Python Book

Not sure if i've sent a message properly, so i'll post it here too:

@tuxradar Do you have any Phyton books pretty please? Thanks #tuxradarfreebooks

Waiting anxiously

The tension is rising... still no news about the books :)
Hoping some books will come to Belgium.

Your Generosity Much Appreciated

I'm in the US, I hope I get one.

So what's next?
1. Test Hardware (good idea, Cage)
2. Those lovely LF stickers!
3. LF subscription

The LF mag is quite expensive here in the US (USD16.99) but it's worth it. I wouldn't mind finding a sticker or two inside the DVD sleeve from time to time, though.

You're great, guys. Thanks a lot.


Will you guys post international?...

Though I do expect you to say no to this, since posting books oversea does cost quite a bit, the little voice in my heart wishes otherwise...

Very nice

That is some nice offer.

Please I'm interested in python, java or sysadmin related books. Not sure yet how you will handle this give away process.

Am I too late?!?

Hope I'm not too late :/

Simple User-Type Books?

My GCSE (Year 10 / 11) students would love to read an 'overview' type book + Simple Programming Guide-type.

I don't suppose books like these exist?

Not being funny, folks, but I don't see LXF Towers going through a mountain of books to match requirements to sender (hee hee). So I guess, if there is a chance of a book, then I'd be grateful for whatever you were to send me.

Could make a useful article though? Beginners books?


so ah am :(


Thanks for this free stuff! Much appreciated.

Hell Yeah!

Wow, I was one of the lucky people for a change? Nice!

It was the first time I've ever won anything for free on these tubes. And man, I feel cool about it!

Definitely gonna spread the love on BookMooch after reading it.

I just hope you can send it all the way here to Brasil with no problems.

Thank you very much LF!


Thanks LXF - you guys rock.

Just brought the April edition, cant wait to give it a read.

Whoo! Thanks!

Looking forward to the book, thanks for opening it up worldwide! Man, I am totally loving tuxradar + Linux Format. Am in the US, so yes issues are expensive, but still hoping someday to get a sub when I can afford it. Will def. be picking up the most current issue at least. Thanks again!


Can't wait to get it in the mail. Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Thank you so much!
Waiting... (:

Thank you

Thank you very much indeed! :-) I hope I had done all things right in the email. ;-)

Greetings from Germany,


Cheers - book arrived today and I'm very happy with it!

Thanks Guys

Hi all,

Thanks, received my book on Django Projects last week, cheers guys!

yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes I already sent my mailing address. and just now i sent it again to make sure the authority got my mail.

thanks a core to the authority for this noble initiative.

free book: thanks

i already send mail to claim free mag.



I got mine in the mail today. Thank you very much.

Just arrived

Thank you very much, the book was in the mail today.

to read or not to read?

Any idea when I should expect my free book? I never got any reply to my email with my address and I am starting to feel I was left behind..

thanks for the free book

i received the book (LPI) yesterday..thanks tuxradar..

Thanks for the free book

Thanks a lots to tuxradar, I got the book 3 days before, I am very happy though didn't get any advanced sysadmin book or PHP what I wanted,

I got a book name "Ubuntu linux" I am thinking to forwarding to other who are interested in linux (friend)

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