Dear Edward Snowden

We thought you might be getting a little bored while you're stuck in the airport, so we sent you some reading material. We don't know if you like Linux, but given your technical background, we hope it'll be of interest. It's just a tiny indication of our gratitude.

Thank you for your services to mankind, and hopefully you'll be able to travel freely soon.

All the best,

The Linux Format team

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Double Bonus Minus One

You guys are so thoughtful, and I sincerely hope Mr Snowdon appreciates the best magazine in the world. This well-meaning offering may also have the unintentional bonus of making Linux Format magazine an international news story, increase interest in Linux Format subscriptions (is there a Russian Edition?) and generally promote GNU/Linux as the freedom-flying computing solution it is. Unfortunately, having already "beaten" the CIA with a penguin-shaped stick, you may have also made enemies of the NSA as well. They know who you are now, and they'll be watching...

Pin Badges

How can I get hold of some?
Did you send him the cover disks as well?

I want to be the very best!

This is so awesome. LF is honestly to high level for me, but I think he would really like it. Even if he doesn't use Linux, at least he has something to read. I am glad to see something being done that is so helpful to someone who has shown us "the truth" behind how much we are being watched.


That pin case looks like a pokemon badge case. :)

>Blatant publicity

>Blatant publicity whoring.

No, it isn't.

The TuxRadar guys really are on the level. There's no way in heck TR's corporate overlords would have let them send 'nice' things to Snowden, and that they let them do this is still frankly astonishing. They are only getting away with it because it looks like a crass publicity stunt. But if you stop and think, it's actually the maxium they can do to raise awareness and keep their jobs.

From the jargon file:

>ha ha only serious
>...parodies, absurdities, and ironic jokes that are both intended and perceived to contain a possibly disquieting amount of truth, or truths that are constructed on in-joke and self-parody.

This would have begun as a hilarious in-office joke about how to dispose of a mountain of backissues the team used to get. They deserve all the kudos for pushing it through management.


Where can I get those nice stickers?

As Sir Humphrey might say ...

As Sir Humphrey might say, "That's very brave."

Well done lads.

Freedom rules!


I hope it gets to him.... There is nothing worse than being stuck at an airport - I go mad spending just several hours in one.


Hope this letter poisonous

Hope this letter poisonous

point taken

Now all you have to do is establish yourselves as registered voters in australia and vote for the Wikileaks party.
I don't know which electorate but I'm sure there'll be a candadate.
Strange, but brave stance to take. Put me down for a yearly subscription!

YOU ROCK TuxRadar! Thanks for helping my hero!

Edward Snowden is a *TRUE* American patriot who obviously loves America, Americans and what America stands for more than his own life or freedom. And by helping him not be bored you too are obviously a true American patriotic organization. I just wanted to say thanks for helping Mr. Snowden. He's a hero of mine and I'm in his corner ^~^

P.S. I'm sure he loves Linux too! He's a good man and very smart. Anyone who is smart loves Linux or at least the FOSS community =D <grin>


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