Creating local backups of TuxRadar


Listen, guys, we know you like our articles, and we're flattered that so many people use tools like Wget to take a copy of our entire website for their offline use, but please be nice about it. We're happy for you to take a local copy if you really want to - please, go ahead, and we hope you learn a lot from our articles.

All we ask is that you set your software to leave at least a five-second delay between page requests so that you're less likely to affect performance for other users. When one of our articles appears on high-traffic sites such as Digg or Reddit, a lot of visitors come our way in a short space of time, and if several people are simultaneously getting their offline mirror software to download 200 articles plus pictures in 10 seconds, it's not really fair on other users.

So, you have our blessing to copy our content for your offline use. We appreciate that not everyone has 24/7 internet access, and we want to help as many people learn to love Linux as we can. But in return, we ask that you put a delay on your software so that it doesn't bombard our site with requests.


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PDF Torrent

What about build up diffrent Torrents with the Articles. In PDF, mht, HTML and so on.
Wouldn't be that perfect for you and save your bandwith?

Re: PDF Torrent

Creating torrents in PDF, HTML, etc, would indeed save bandwidth, but only a tiny number of our visitors want this sort of thing. The rest would rather we spent our time writing new articles!

Good Attitude

Nice one. Good to see people happy to share.

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