10 Linux games needing help


Fancy digging your fingers into a new project? Free Gamer has put together a list of 10 Linux games that deserve to be revived. Some of these games were formerly commercial projects and open sourced when the developer(s) moved on to pastures new, while others were free software from the start but fell into obscurity when the hackers behind them got bored. There's an FPS, a top-down RPG, a pinball game and more -- all waiting for some coding love.

Of course, while these projects sorely need more programmers, you don't have to be a top-rate hacker to help out. Games need artwork, sound effects, music, documentation and testing, so you might find something to inspire your creative mind. All of the games listed have links to project pages where you'll be able to find other coders, artists and musicians who're interested in bringing the projects back to life.

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