Open Ballot: Has KDE become a second class desktop?


Last week, it was announced that Canonical are no longer going to fund Jonathan Riddell to work on Kubuntu. Add to that, Aaron Seigo has also announced that his funding to work on KDE development is also coming to an end. This got us thinking, has KDE become a second class desktop on Linux?

Recursive Hanging


Readers of this blog are no doubt aware of some programmers penchant for recursive acronyms, Gnu Not Unix (GNU) being the most popular.

With that in mind, here at LXF towers we all enjoyed seeing BoingBoing link to this recursive e-petition on Public hanging for those who propose public hanging.

Whatever you (or we) think about the petition, recursion should be celebrated where ever it's found!

Podcast Season 4 Episode 1


Title: Freaky Friday

In this episode: We turn our news section into a lightening news section and briefly discuss Ubuntu, Red Hat, Plasma Active, Tizen, GKH, Samsung and Firefox. Hear our discoveries from the last couple of months, our rants and raves and your own awesome opinions in our internet famous Open Ballot.

Update: Here's Greg Kroah-Hartman's piece on patching the kernel.

Linux Format 155 On Sale Today - Discover Linux!

Get on board

Get on board the Linux bus. Destination: expertsville!

If you`re looking for a way into the weird and wonderful world of Linux (by weird we mean being able to install what you want without being branded a pirate. We also mean no longer having to worry about viruses corrupting your expensive machine), LOOK NO LONGER! This issue holds your hand and guides you through those first tentative steps to software freedom.

Jargon File Available


The Jargon File is now available. With a bit of luck, we'll continue to update, expand and improve it as time goes by. Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions!

Update: The URL is fixed and now matches the magazine. The guide can now be found at Sorry to anyone who's already shared the link - but it's important the magazine and the website match if possible.

Open Source Education

Open Source

This post was written by Mel Chua. We asked her to write it in response to the recent developments in UK computer science education, in order to provide a different take on what an 'open source' education means. The text is available under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. We hope you enjoy this guest post.

Open Ballot: Which is the biggest threat to freedom - Google, Microsoft or Apple?


We're going to record our first podcast of 2012 later this week. And as we're feeling a little cold, we want to warm things up with our first open ballot question of the year. We’re asking whether you think it’s Google, Microsoft or Apple that represents the biggest threat to our freedom, and why. We’ll give our opinions in the next podcast. If you’d like to hear your own, sign out of your Google account, delete your cookies and leave a comment. Double points for those with an amusing name.

TuxRadar Podcast 2012


Fear not! Our podcast will be back!

Many apologies for the delay. The truth is that time has been incredibly tight over the last few weeks (mainly because we're short of a Mike). But we've just put issue 155 to bed, and we've got a new member of the team starting shortly. So, we're planning to record our first podcast of 2012 in the first week of February, and we'll stick to the usual schedule.

Thanks for your patience, and let us know if there's anything you'd like us to change or add.

Jargon File


Jon says:

I'm compiling a jargon file for the website and for the magazine's disc. In case anyone has any suggestions, I've set it up as a Google Doc that anyone can comment on. I'd love to see comments on my definitions and ideas for definitions that I've missed.

Linux Format 154 On Sale Today - Learn to Hack!

Learn to Hack!

The best gamekeepers used to be poachers, so what better way to keep your security in tip-top shape than by learning the dark arts of the hacker? We`ll teach you to break into networks, exploit services running remotely, beat encryption techniques, crack passwords and more.

Hello, 2012! (and RMS was right)


It's our first day back at the office after a well deserved, and much enjoyed, Christmas break, so we thought we'd wish all our readers and listeners a happy new year - so, happy new year! We're looking forward to another year of great comments on TuxRadar and interesting discussions on the forums. We're also looking forward to putting out our first issue of 2012, where we teach you how to hack, on the 5th January (that's only two days away!).

Podcast Season 3 Episode 24


Title: Live from the WestGate Pub

In this episode: HP gives WebOS to the world, and Chrome is more secure than Firefox (according to Google). We discover an 80s games magazine, a Linux games client, a museum in Mexico and Mint's upgrade policy. Hear your views in our Open Ballot , plus, Mike joins us and Effy makes another video!

Open Ballot: Winners and Losers of 2011


Another year is drawing to a close, and tomorrow we'll be recording our final podcast of 2011.

It's been a quite a year in the world of Linux: Gnome 3 was released, so was Unity; KDE 4, by all accounts, is now very good; Firefox has switched to a 6 week(!) release cycle, and at the same time seen its market share squeezed; Android has come to dominate the smartphone market, while WebOS is on life support; we've seen the start of a huge patent battle; and Ubuntu is no longer top of the distro watch rankings ... and that's just the things I could remember off the top of my head!

The Perfect Distribution


Jon says:

Today, I've sat down to begin work on the newbie guide for issue 155. The first part of my day was great fun. I read through everyone's suggestions (60+!) and made a note of everything that I should include. There were so many helpful suggestions, it really was interesting :-)

The second part of my day has involved trying to decide which distribution to base the guide on - this has proved to be frustrating.

LXF 153 On Sale Today!

Linux 2013

We just wanted to let you know that the latest issue of Linux Format goes on sale today.

On our disc double-pack you`ll find full versions of Fedora 16 and OpenSUSE 12.1. That`s 6330 packages alongside all our other great content.

Take advantage of our Christmas subscription campaign, saving up to 50%, by following this link: FTW


Jon says:

Graham just showed me this cool alpha project from the Gnome team. As you can probably guess, it's a web portal for Gnome Shell extensions. This makes it easy to see which extensions exist, what people thought of them (there's support for comments and ratings), but it also lets you install them straight from the browser!

Podcast Season 3 Episode 23


Title: Extra Strong Mint

In this episode: Linux Mint 12 has been released and it includes an innovative new take on Gnome Shell. Also, lots of smartphones could be running a rootkit-like piece of software and we discover things, read your views and discuss whether a Computer Science degree is worth the investment.

Issue 153: Wallpaper


Issue 153 of Linux Format is due out next Thursday, the 8th December. It has a great cover illustration, and as a little preview of what's coming in that issue, we thought we'd share it on TuxRadar as a wallpaper for your desktops.

We'll be adding it to the pool of Linux Format cover wallpapers, where you can download this cover and loads of others.

Open Ballot: How valuable is a Computer Science degree?


Out of the staff here at Linux Format, only one of us actually has a Computer Science degree. The rest of us ended up in the job as a result of our hobbies, random hacking and volunteering in various open source communities.

This got us thinking, how worthwhile are Computer Science degrees? Many technology companies complain that graduates, even of Computer Science, arrive with little understanding of how to work in industry - knowledge of version control and the like - and often lack knowledge of basic coding paradigms.

Mike and Jon's Bet


Jon had never had a Pot Noodle. Mike was shocked.

Mike had never tried Arch Linux. Jon was shocked.

A bet followed...

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